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Schumacher’s helmet camera reveals ski crash details

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Michael Schumacher, Ferrari, 2004Video filmed by a camera mounted on Michael Schumacher’s helmet at the time of his skiing crash has confirmed further details of his accident.

Schumacher remains in critical condition with serious head injuries in a hospital in Grenoble after the crash which happened nine days ago.

Police investigating the accident in France said their they were make good progress on the case, of which they typically deal with around 50 per year. They confirmed Schumacher was skiing off-piste at the time of the accident and said the area was correctly signposted in accordance with local rules.

The video, which has not been released to the public, gives a very clear view of what happened according to those who have seen it. It shows Schumacher lost his balance after touching a rock with his skis around eight metres inside the off-piste area, then fell over and struck his head on another rock.

According to the police, the video indicated Schumacher is “a very good skier”. Although it was hard to assess his speed at the time of the crash, they noted he did not reduce his speed when he went off-piste. “But speed is not a particularly important aspect for us,” noted the prosecutor.

An examination of the Schumacher’s equipment showed he was using rented skis which were in “almost new” condition. They bore marks consistent with his contact with the rocks.

The police added they had not received any information about a supposed second video showing the accident, which some media claimed had been filmed by a third party. They also did not corroborate a story which claimed Schumacher was trying to help another skier who had fallen at the time of his accident.

Schumacher’s condition remains a focus of high media interest. The police addressed a room filled to capacity with journalists. Yesterday Schumacher’s family asked the media not to disturb them and the medical team in Grenoble as his condition remains serious.

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