John Surtees, Sebastian Vettel, Monza, 2013

Double points “totally and utterly wrong” – Surtees

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John Surtees, Sebastian Vettel, Monza, 2013In the round-up: John Surtees joins the criticism of F1’s plan to offer double points at the season finale.


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Interview with John Surtees (MotorSportsTalk)

“[Double points at the last race] must be purely a commercial gimmick. I think it?s totally and utterly wrong. This means of trying to artificially change the results of championships or races is something which is not in the true spirit of what we should be trying to achieve.”

Lotus boss expects more teams to miss first F1 test (Reuters)

Eric Boullier: “Everything is fine here. Lotus will be on the grid this year and for a long time. You will see, we will not be the only team not being in Jerez. I know this for a fact already.”

Jev the Mountain Lion (Toro Rosso)

“I will have a new Race Engineer, Francisco Javier Pujolar, because my previous one, Phil Charles is switching to the role of Chief Engineer this year.”

Eddie Irvine sentenced to six months for Milan club brawl (Irish Times)

“Witnesses in court have claimed the reason for the fight between the two was a text message sent by Mr Irvine to an ex-girlfriend of Mr Moratti.”

Caterham eyeing experience (Sky)

Caterham spokesperson: “We are very, very close to be being able to make an announcement and it will be soon. We have a couple of weeks but we are aiming not to use all of them.”

F1 drivers will need new race approach (Autosport)

James Allison: “During practice, the car will have more electrical power (available) and the car can run at the limit of fuel flow [which is 100kg per hour]. In the race it is going to be different.”

Honda’s 2015 arrival double edged (ESPN)

Renault’s head of track operations, Remi Taffin: “One could argue it’s a good advantage and one could argue it’s not. You have one more year to study your engine and maybe you could end up with a 2015 engine that is much more developed, but at the same time we are going to be developing the engine for 2015 – we are already working on 2015 – and it’s very similar.”

Import policy for racing and motorsport events tweaked (Autocar India)

“With Formula One and [the] World Superbike championship giving India a miss this year ?ǣ we will have to wait and watch when this new exemption will be exercised.”

Infiniti clear winner of visibility race in Formula One 2013 season (Repucom, PDF)

“The luxury car maker, which entered F1 in 2011, is now the number one most exposed team partner in the sport, measured by calculating the amount of on-screen branding of the official qualifying and race broadcasts.”

Five questions which will decide Bernie Ecclestone’s fate (Autoweek)

“The Ernst & Young report valued F1 at $5.9 billion – and this fuelled Constantin’s claim that the stake was undervalued. However, CVC co-founder Donald Mackenzie told the court that in fact, at that time F1 was worth $3 billion.”

Why did Red Bull's Mark Webber never win the world title? (BBC)

“So why did he never win the world championship? Well firstly, he came up against one of the greats of the sport – Vettel.”


Comment of the day

Chris on Felipe Massa’s Crashgate comments:

Whilst this strikes me as a bit like having a go at someone whilst walking away from them, I must admit that I admire Massa for at least talking about it openly and person-ably, rather than spewing the same old F1 driver/PR robot nonsense.

And for that I respect Massa. Same situation when Vettel criticised the double points rule. I gained a lot of respect for Sebastian at that moment, as he was the only one to actually speak his mind.
Chris (@Tophercheese21)

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On this day in F1

Red Bull launched the RB6 four years ago today. It proved their first championship-winner and the first car Sebastian Vettel won the drivers’ title with.

They have remained unbeaten in both championships since then.

Image ?? Red Bull/Getty