Caption Competition 42: Jean-Eric Vergne

Caption Competition

Jean-Eric Vergne, Toro Rosso, Interlagos, 2013

Jean-Eric Vergne enters his third season with Toro Rosso this year – here he is at the last race of 2013.

Can you think up a good caption to go with this picture? Post your suggestions in the comments and a selection of the best will appear in tomorrow’s round-up.

Caption Competition

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Image ?? Red Bull/Getty

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99 comments on Caption Competition 42: Jean-Eric Vergne

  1. Colossal Squid (@colossal-squid) said on 11th January 2014, 16:50

    Vergne shows off how little he had to pay the team for a 2014 drive.

  2. Jack (@jackisthestig) said on 11th January 2014, 17:05

    The odds of Jean-Eric getting a Red Bull drive anytime soon…

  3. Mathers (@mathers) said on 11th January 2014, 17:08

    JEV reveals his career number, and is duly dropped by Toro Rosso as the required new spec nose was wider than allowed in the regulations.

  4. DavidS (@davids) said on 11th January 2014, 17:22

    Hey JEV, remember your teammate from 2013? That’s approximately how far ahead of you he is.

  5. “Vergne’s ‘100.000-reasons why I deserve that RedBull seat’-initiative was as foolproof as his 2013 car-reliability”

  6. Fab F1 (@fabf1) said on 11th January 2014, 17:48

    +100000 miles to go for a real bull …

  7. verstappen (@verstappen) said on 11th January 2014, 17:59

    Number of times I went under Marko’s desk, and what’s it got me? A white smile.

  8. For Sure (@forsure) said on 11th January 2014, 19:21

    “I would drive fifty thousand miles, and I would drive fifty thousand more/ Just to be that man who drives a hundred thousand miles to Mateschitz’s door”

  9. kenny said on 11th January 2014, 20:19

    Despite a poor early showing against thousands of bored middle-aged men, JEV is nonetheless excited his simulator is finally hooked up to the online leaderboards.

  10. Starting the bidding early for a 2015 seat.

  11. David Stewart said on 11th January 2014, 20:57

    This is how much money I would lose per lap if I had to pay for my drive!

  12. Red Bull on their 2014 driver decision: “So in summary we’ve got 100000 reasons not in favour of Jean-Eric and 0 reasons in favour of Jean-Eric for next season.”

  13. cjpdk (@cjpdk) said on 11th January 2014, 21:16

    JEV prefers not to talk about car reliability, but instead displays signs with significant numbers

  14. Noah (@lotus22) said on 12th January 2014, 1:38

    And this is how many times you’ll get screwed over by Red Bull as their number 2 driver next yeat Daniel!
    Have Fun!

  15. At least I’m still here.

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