Marussia confirm Chilton for 2014

2014 F1 season

Max Chilton, Graeme Lowdon, Marussia, 2014Max Chilton will continue to drive for Marussia in 2014, the team has confirmed.

Chilton’s name appeared on the entry list revealed by the FIA yesterday and the team has now officially announced Chilton will remain with them for a second year.

“You learn such a lot in your debut season, but the second year is when you can really pull all of those new experiences together and show your true potential,” said Chilton. “That has always been the case for me in the junior categories and I?ll be aiming for a similar step in my second year of F1 competition.”

Marussia will retain the same driver line-up as it had last year, following Jules Bianchi’s rehiring in October.

Team principal John Booth said: “In view of next year?s regulation changes, continuity is key, so it is highly beneficial to our technical team that we retain the same driver line-up moving forward.”

“Max had an impressive debut season last year and, of course, achieved a new rookie record for finishing all 19 races. He can be justifiably proud of the progress he made through the course of 2013. With our race driver line-up complete we can now focus all of our attentions on our 2014 car and moving the Marussia F1 team to the next level.”

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2014 F1 season

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110 comments on Marussia confirm Chilton for 2014

  1. Rigi (@rigi) said on 11th January 2014, 15:10

    marussia really have absolutely nothing to gain from him. a driver that is constantly a few tenths slower than his (fellow rookie!) team mate throughout a whole season should not be retained, regardless of how much money he brings with him.

    unfortunately it’s the way f1 works nowadays.. it’s quite a shame really.

  2. frosty39 (@pure-and-sure-44) said on 11th January 2014, 16:57

    The team know what they’re doing and they’re going to choose the driver that they think will do the best job in their car. There’s no point saying he’s ‘a crap driver’ or ‘the worst driver currently in F1′ (which he could be, no one knows) because you stating that is not going to change anything; it’s just going to make fans that are just getting into F1 think us as fans are very negative, which is not the case.

  3. SeaHorse (@seahorse) said on 11th January 2014, 17:16

    Not an inspiring announcement this. But I understand the two prime reasons behind retaining Max: 1) Money & 2) Continuity. Yes, I agree that Max was beaten by his fellow rookie teammate fair and square last season. But let us not forget that Jules had better and more experience of driving a F1 car when they were partnered (in a way similar to Guti being paired with The Hulk). Also, as the season progressed, some improvement was observed in Max’s driving. I wish to highlight the positives out of this move: 1) Max brings good load of money, so it is plausible that Marussia bring a competitive car at the first few rounds vis-à-vis Caterham and his cash helps them develop the car over the season. 2) He has been a safe pair of hands. By this I am not hyping his moderate achievement of completing all 19 races. Yes, he was lucky not to have a technical failure, but imagine as rookie drivers like Guti & VDG had memorable crashes, Max could also have crashed well at least with those front runners when getting blue flagged. He didn’t.

    I am not saying he is going to set the lower midfield ablaze with his performances, but at least I hope his consistency to get the car home gets coupled with some good performances which could obviously make a difference this season.

  4. I believe all drivers deserve at least a season and a half in F1 to show what they have. Yes Chilton wasn’t exactly quick, but he did show signs of progress as the season went on. Also nice to see Marussia actually keep a driver lineup for once…

  5. I definitely did not expect this. Marussia were spoilt for choice at this stage..they had Kobayashi, Petrov (Russian team,made sense) maybe Kovaleinen, Van Der Garde, Frijins, Calado…they even had a chance to get Magnussen when Force India and McLaren were unable to get an agreement. And they still get Chilton.

    Fine, he finished the whole season, much of it a few seconds behind the other backmarkers. But it was almost matched by Bianchi-a mechanical failure and a first lap crash. In this era of reliability its not really difficult to get a 90-95% record. Kimi did it last year after a two year hiatus.

    He might get a few million pounds for Bianchi to salvage something but if they wanted a pay driver, why not for the richest one? Go for Sirotkin then. Russian backers might pay more for a Russian team anyway.

    Marussia had a good balance this year. A driver much better than his car-Pushing it as much as possible getting the points-or in this case, higher placings and a driver getting money to finance the team. Atleast he isn’t Maldonado and respects the other drivers and is good for PR. But then, when going for bucks, why not go for someone getting the most money and having speed?

  6. James_mc (@james_mc) said on 11th January 2014, 18:02

    Most importantly – WHAT’S HIS NUMBER GOING TO BE?!


  7. iFuel said on 11th January 2014, 18:38

    Chilton could be a good decision, the tenths that his money brings to the team could even rival or even exceed the tenths that Bianchi talent brings

  8. Jack (@jmc200) said on 11th January 2014, 19:39

    aaaarrrrrrgghghhghg god damm! What a tedious, slow, nauseating choice! I could rant for pages on why Chilton leaves me feeling so angry, but I have just a few.
    1. He’s unbelievably SLOW, never won a single seater championship EVER, out qualified Bianchi just once in a whole season, in a team he’d been part of for a whole year and a car he’d tested for 8 and a half days, and Bianchi for just a day and half, yet in Australia he was 8 tenths slower than him! That gap came down a bit as the season went on, but come the final races, Bianchi still dominated.
    2. He’s a Daddy’s pay driver. His dad owns a stake in Carlin, and Chilton just happens to race for them in F3 and GP2. His dad is a Marussia board member (I believe) and has been very well supported to get his seat. A driver of his talent would never get a seat if he brought no money.
    3. The British media make excuses for his terrible lack in speed. Hearing Ben Edwards say “Chilton did well, just 4 tenths behind Bianchi” is beyond a joke, always interviewing him to catch up with the “Brits” while hardly ever mentioning his teammate, who basically carried the team. The fact he finished every race last year has no relevance, as he largely finished last, and slowest. The only retirements Bianchi suffered were mechanical or not his fault, so the 19 finishes is honestly meaningless, it just shows that Chilton is slow enough not to crash, and that Marussia build a tidy little car.
    4. He prevents, to an extent, better young drivers, such as Nasr, Calado, Bird, Frijns, Da Costa etc getting a foot in the door, by wasting a seat with his tepid awfulness. Entitled little boy, I hope his F1 career is over extremely soon!

  9. Brian (@bforth) said on 11th January 2014, 21:38

    I would wager that somewhere in Scotland, Paul di Resta is curled up in the fetal position and bawling his eyes out right now.

  10. Nikhil said on 12th January 2014, 10:48

    I hope diresta gets seat at caterham F1 team. i wish to see him alongside kobyashi, both of them really a good drivers who deserves to be in F1.

  11. Spencer White (@jojobudgie) said on 8th February 2014, 22:44

    As much as I disagree with this decision it makes sense.Consistency is the key here and a driver who finishes races can be invaluable,especially with the stupid new regulations.

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