Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Monza, 2013

Williams announces three technical team hirings

2014 F1 seasonPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Monza, 2013Williams is determined to make “strong improvements” in the new season after announcing three additions to its technical team ahead.

Jakob Andreasen joins the team as head of engineering operations, reporting to chief technical officer Pay Symonds. Andreasen, formerly of Force India and McLaren, will be responsible for “better integrating trackside operations with the continued design and development” of the forthcoming FW36.

Craig Wilson returns to the team from Mercedes as head of vehicle dynamics. Rod Nelson joins Williams from Lotus to lead their testing programme.

The team also announced Max Nightingale’s promotion to head of vehicle science, and will report to Andreason.

“Williams is determined to make strong improvements in our competitiveness over the coming seasons and these new appointments continue our aggressive approach in recruiting some of the sport’s best talent,” said Symonds.

“We are also committed to allowing our existing talent to grow and showcase their skills in senior leadership roles. Our engineering team for the coming season is looking strong and I’m excited about what we can achieve moving forwards.”

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28 comments on “Williams announces three technical team hirings”

  1. Hope they have a great season, firmly returning to the midfield. I want to see what Bottas can do in a good car, and also if Massa 3.0 (Before crash -> after crash -> at Williams) is any better than version 2.0.

  2. I think that with a competitive car in 2014, Williams (and I’m talking about Bottas here) can get a surprise victory like they did in 2012. And with the rule changes, I’m sure that there is a larger possibility of surprise winners emerging and Bottas showed in his rookie season that if he’s comfortable with the circuit and package, he can easily beat the likes of McLaren, Lotus, Force India, Sauber etc. with a inferior car. Can’t wait to see more surprises for Bottas.

    Massa, however, in my opinion won’t flourish with Williams and will be beaten on most occasions by his more inexperience and faster (my opinion) teammate. I have heard people saying that without the pressure of being the Number 2 driver to Fernando Alonso, be will be more competitive. I honestly believe that is absolute nonsense and that he just isn’t quick enough to have race wins. He himself said he won’t let Alonso through again which must be terrifying for Alonso as he will have a back marker blocking him, and will everntually get a penalty. Just wanted to remind you again that this is my opinion. Feel free to state your opinion but don’t bash me. As they say, to each his own

      1. Oh please, he couldn’t win the championship if he was recruited by Red Bull for this season and they have the best car. ‘Mark’ my words: He will go the same way as Mark in a season or two.

  3. Hope they continue this awful trail. Hope they disappear. Dirtiest team in the F1. Monaco 2013. Bo77as was running 11 behind HUL who was 10. RAI 12 “magically” passed the wonderful rookie 77.
    And please don’t forget…they bought Valencia 2012 and they killed Senna 20 years ago.
    So….I hope Williams race with HRT, Forti, Lola, Minardi and Super Auguri.

    1. Dirtiest team?! No way.

      Williams had nothing to do with Raikkonen passing Bottas, Bottas may have let his fellow countryman through but it wasn’t a team order, Kimi passed Hulk too. The Valencia win wasn’t paid for it was achieved due to a number of factors that played into their hands.

      I do agree though that Williams are responsible for Sennas death, they’re not dirty killers, they made a fatefully dangerous car that day although I am disgusted the data during the the crash was “lost”

      1. “The Valencia win wasn’t paid for it was achieved due to a number of factors that played into their hands.”

        No factor played into their hands other than Pastor beating Alonso on pure pace plain and simple watch the race again you would see!

      1. To be honest, and not politically correct, that is the only thing he said that actually made sense. Whether you like it or not, and whether it was really impossible to predict, or it was negligence of safety on Williams’ part, it was a car failure either way.

        1. It has never been proven that a part failed on the car. And even so, I can give you 1000 examples of a part that fails on an F1-car, that doesn’t mean the driver gets killed. Senna was unlucky, that is all, had nothing to do with Williams.

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