Nick Heidfeld, BMW, Nurburgring Nordschleife, 2007

Ecclestone tipped to buy Nurburgring

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Nick Heidfeld, BMW, Nurburgring Nordschleife, 2007In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone is reported to be making an offer for the Nurburgring.


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Ecclestone makes bid for historic Nuerburgring (Reuters)

“The 83-year-old Ecclestone himself told two German publications on Wednesday his move was aimed at keeping a Formula One race in Germany in the coming years.”

Red Bull?s Team Manager Backs Ecclestone to Stay on as F1 Boss (Bloomberg)

“Is it right to put so much predominance on one race? Does it undervalue what you’ve done in the rest of the year? I think arguably yes it does.”

Horner: current women drivers can’t ‘cut it’ at top (The Telegraph)

“Susie [Wolff] is a very capable driver. Whether on merit she would make the cut at the moment is difficult to judge. But there are some very talented young girls coming through and it?s only a matter of time.”

Lotus confirm Quantum over (Sky)

“Lopez revealed that Lotus had amassed a total of ??114million in debt last year, of which around ??80million was owed to Lopez’s company Genii Capital.”

Sir Jackie Stewart voices sadness over death of Jenson Button’s father (The Guardian)

“It would liven things up [if there was a new champion]. It would be refreshing. Four times is a bit greedy.”


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I like @Tim-M’s idea for a name for the new Ferrari best:

If I had a choice, I?d name it the 126 C14, after this Ferrari, since it was their first turbocharged F1 car; also with a V6 engine.

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Five years ago today McLaren launched the MP4-24. It proved a disappointment for the team and defending champion Lewis Hamilton, as it was some way off the pace early in the season. However with development it became a race winner and Hamilton’s Hungarian Grand Prix triumph was the first for a car using a Kinetic Energy Recovery System.

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