Ryan Newman, Stewart/Haas Chevrolet, NASCAR, Indianapolis, 2013

Haas, Kolles & Stefan GP propose F1 team entries

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Ryan Newman, Stewart/Haas Chevrolet, NASCAR, Indianapolis, 2013In the round-up: Three potential new team entrants have lodged applications with the FIA.


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Geheimnis um 3 F1-Bewerber f???r 2015 gel???ftet (Auto Motor und Sport, German)

NASCAR team founder Gene Haas, ex-F1 team boss Colin Kolles and former failed entrant Zoran Stefanovich’s Stefan GP have responded to the FIA’s request for new teams.

Haas confirms F1 entry interest (ESPN)

“Haas currently co-owns Stewart-Haas Racing in NASCAR, while Haas Automation is also a large CNC machine tool builder.”

Bernie Ecclestone’s loss of power is the end of an era in Formula One (The Guardian)

Ecclestone: “The minute the court case is over then I’ll be back on the board again.”

Lotus: delays won’t hurt Maldonado (Autosport)

Eric Boullier: “It could take a little bit of time to ensure there is the right communication with his engineers and the team around them. But I don’t think that missing two days of running is going to change anything.”


Comment of the day

Bernie Ecclestone’s position of power in Formula One is looking increasingly shaky – but who would come after him?

With Bernie, it?s all about the devil you know; who would be the successor in this case? I would love to see F1 fall into the hands of someone who will care about the sport and its fans.

I think most F1 fans gripe about Ecclestone and his ridiculous ideas, but if the next F1 director is just a suit from CVC, is it really going to be any better? Perhaps it will do well under someone with lots of motorsport experience, like Jean Todt, or others like Ari Vatanen (I know he ran for FIA presidency at some point, but lost to Todt). Then again, I don?t know enough about those guys to predict what sort of impact they would have on F1.

Like a lot of things in F1, this will be a ??wait and see? situation.
Steven (@Steevkay)

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