Caption Competition 43: Chilton and Surtees

Caption Competition

Max Chilton, John Surees, Monza, 2013

Max Chilton is the latest driver to have his place on the 2014 grid confirmed as he continues for a second season with Marussia.

Chilton, who made history by being classified in all 19 races in his debut season, will drive Marussia’s first Ferrari-powered car this year. Here he is talking to Ferrari’s 1964 world champion John Surtees at last year’s Italian Grand Prix.

Can you think up a good caption to go with this picture? Post your suggestions in the comments and a selection of the best will appear in tomorrow’s round-up.

Caption Competition

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106 comments on Caption Competition 43: Chilton and Surtees

  1. Julien (@jlracing) said on 18th January 2014, 11:36

    JS: “Come on young boy, go quickly to the grid! The GP3 race will start in a few minutes!”

  2. Look boy, over there! A penny! You’ll need it to keep your drive next season

  3. “My car was faster than your,” Surtees

  4. Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 18th January 2014, 11:44

    “John, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have never used hair gel. Certainly not in the quantities you describe. Now, there are certain people out there – certain very interested, very powerful people – who want to see that things stay that way. Now, I don’t want to name names and drag somebody’s reputation through the mud, but the last person who suggested I was wearing hair gel … well, lets just say that he won’t be running McLaren for much longer.”

  5. Jason Norwood said on 18th January 2014, 11:46

    JS: See that car over there Max…. Just went out for a drive and went so fast my face nearly fell off.

  6. “Watch out, there’s an angry mob of unfunded drivers waving pitchforks headed this way”

  7. The way you’re going, you’ll still be here finishing in Melbourne, they’ll already be there in Malaysia ready on the grid.

  8. David not Coulthard (@) said on 18th January 2014, 12:09

    So, Max, this is how one rides a motorcycle when taking the Parabolica.

  9. Ask your dad whether he can buy you a new F1 law where you start way ahead over there.

  10. Alec (@vonhoff) said on 18th January 2014, 12:11

    Surtees – (points) “So its THAT bloody idiot over there who keeps on voting for you in DOTW polls Max!”

  11. RBAlonso (@rbalonso) said on 18th January 2014, 12:11

    “Try bikes, son”

  12. ME4ME (@me4me) said on 18th January 2014, 12:13

    Chilton: “Wow, after all these years he still got plenty of fire in his belly. Wish I had a fraction of that..” [places hand on stomach]

  13. I tried doing a bollywood dance just like this! But Vijay said he still wouldn’t consider giving you a drive.

  14. Chris (@tophercheese21) said on 18th January 2014, 12:24

    Surtees: “… and what exactly do you do with this ‘hair-gel’?”.

  15. D (@f190) said on 18th January 2014, 12:34

    So, you say the cash machine is just over there Max ?

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