Bahrain International Circuit, 2004

Six o’clock start for Bahrain night race

2014 Bahrain Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Bahrain International Circuit, 2004Formula One Management have confirmed plans for this year’s Bahrain Grand Prix to be run as a night race.

The race and qualifying sessions will start at 6pm local time and be run entirely at night under floodlights. The lighting system was installed at the Bahrain International Circuit last year.

Bahrain’s race will be the second event on the calendar to run entirely after nightfall. The Singapore Grand Prix was the first to do so in 2008. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which starts before sunset and ends after it, was held for the first time in 2009.

The Bahrain race has attracted controversy since the 2011 grand prix was cancelled following the violent suppression of a pro-democracy protest by the Bahrain government, who pay for the grand prix.

The race was restored to the calendar in 2012 but two members of the Force India team left the event after a petrol bomb went off near a van carrying them and otherss. The team subsequently missed one practice session so they could return to their hotel during daylight hours.

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