Tony Fernandes, Caterham, 2014

Fernandes ‘will quit if Caterham don’t improve’

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Tony Fernandes, Caterham, 2014In the round-up: Caterham owner Tony Fernandes warns he will leave the sport if his team don’t improve on last year’s performance when they finished 11th in the constructors’ championship.


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Tony Fernandes stuns Caterham F1 backmarkers by threatening to quit (The Guardian)

“My message to the 250 people here [at the factory] is we have to go for it this year. This is it ?ǣ the final chance. We’ve given you the best infrastructure, the best potential drivers but it is now down to all of you to go and do it. If we’re at the back I don’t think I’m going to carry on.”

Kobayashi happy to race for free (Reuters)

“We paid with my fans’ donations and I have to really thank my Japanese fans. I think I could not get this seat without my fans.”

Kobayashi spurned Ferrari for Caterham (Autosport)

“Ferrari offered me another contract, and Stefano [Domenicali] is not happy I didn’t take it. But it is only my decision to be here.”

Kovalainen without a drive as Caterham follows the money (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“I got a text message from Tony [Fernandes] saying they need two pay drivers.”

Caterham updates for 2014 season (Caterham)

“The TMG facility allows us to run at 60% scale, more than the 50% scale we have been using to date, and that has obvious benefits in increasing the accuracy of the data generated in the tunnel.”

McLaren: No title sponsor? (Sky)

“Speaking in an interview, McLaren Managing Director Jonathan Neale said that the unveiling of the MP4-29 chassis will not be accompanied by any new major backing as had been expected.”

Lotus wants Project Pastor to follow a previous path (The National)

“We know Pastor [Maldonado] is fast, but what I suspect is, we will be handling the same situation we had with Romain, which is trying to control that speed more and make it come out when it is really required.”

Michael Schumacher: Family ‘deeply touched’ after FC Koln and Schalke unveil banner in support of the seven-time F1 world champion (The Independent)

“Players from both clubs displayed a banner before kick-off, which read: ‘Get well soon! You can do it, Michael!'”

Exploring Robert Clarke’s EarthPrix concept (The Way It Is)

“Unfortunately, racing has gone down a road where it’s only about the people who are competing in it. It’s a bunch of self-serving people participating in a club activity that they enjoy.”


Comment of the day

Lots of readers are very pleased to see Kobayashi return to F1:

Very welcome to see Kobayashi back. That should guarantee an extra level of madness at Suzuka. And good to see the team going back to a policy of at least one decent experienced driver again. Before 2013, they always had either Trulli, or Kovalainen, or both. (What?s Kovalainen doing now, by the way? More golf?)

Ericsson?s an underwhelming choice, like Chilton last year. I?d have preferred to see Rossi get the drive, he looked ready for it in his practice runs. Maybe he?ll take to F1 better than GP2 ?ǣ like Kobayashi did.

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Mike Hawthorn was killed 55 years ago today in a road accident. He was the reigning world champion at the time but had left the sport a few weeks earlier after taking the title in a year which saw the deaths of Stuart Lewis-Evans, Luigi Musso, and Hawthorn’s close friend Peter Collins.

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