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F1 won’t lose speed with new 2014 engines – White

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Renault Energy F1, side, 2014Formula One will not be substantially slower following the introduction of new engines for the 2014 season, believes Renault Sport F1’s deputy managing director Rob White.

Despite concerns the V6 turbo engines could see lap times rise by up to three seconds, White believes there is “no need to worry” about the performance of the new cars.

Asked whether F1 will “retain the speed” under the new regulations, White said: “The short answer is yes.”

“What was an academic question in the beginning has become a lot more real from every point of view, but we have no need to worry. Obviously we are still in the virtual world and not on track but we have measured [power unit] performance on the test bed and have matched the most optimistic predictions.

“We believe that the power unit will deliver a lot of power and will be more than enough to make cars quick. The way that the cars will deliver this performance will be somewhat different this year due to the [power unit] and aero regulations. The driving experience will be quite different, but we will absolutely see real speed out on track.”

White believes the challenge of managing energy recovery within the engines while meeting a tight limit of 100kg of fuel will make for unpredictable races.

“This year there will be a lot of factors that drive unpredictable outcomes and from most people?s standpoint, unpredictable results are good in a sporting event,” he said.

“We need to keep hold of some of the fundamental elements – there will be 22 cars on the grid and when the lights go out the guy that gets to the flag first is the winner. In between there will be a battle for positions on track, meaning there will be real racing.

“The way in which the races are managed by the teams is one of the big differences between 2013 and 2014. It is fair to say there are several different ways to skin a cat and this will produce different scenarios as we explore different possibilities about how to manage energy and power.

“Although the tool kit that we have is different, the fundamentals of the races remain very similar. Ultimately it is for the drivers to go for the opportunities presented to them.”

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