Force India VJM07, 2014

Force India reveal first picture of VJM07

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Force India VJM07, 2014

Force India have become the first team to reveal an image of their 2014 F1 contender.

The VJM07 was shown for the first time by the team on Twitter.

“I always enjoy seeing a Formula One car come to life, but I can?t remember so much anticipation ahead of a new season,” said managing director Vijay Mallya.

“The rule changes have presented us with a huge challenge, but I?m very proud of the approach we have taken and the direction of the technical team. It will be fascinating to see how different teams have interpreted the rules and at this stage it?s impossible to predict who has done the best job.

“It?s this uncertainty that should make for a very entertaining season of racing, which is great news for the fans.”

One of the first noticeable changes on the new car is a revised colour scheme. “The new car livery reflects the way Sahara Force India is evolving.”

“I?ve always believed the saffron, white and green livery has made our cars the most eye-catching, but adding black as a main colour gives us a fierce new look.”

“The national colours of India remain an integral part of the car, but the tiger has become a panther! As we enter our seventh season with new partnerships and new names on the car, our contemporary new look helps signal our ambition.”

The new car is the first to benefit from Force India’s expanded agreement with Mercedes which includes its 1.6-litre V6 turbo engine, energy recovery systems and eight-speed gearbox. Force India confirmed the car uses pullrod suspension at the rear and pushrods at the front.

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Image ?? Force India

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  1. best looking car we’ve had in F1 for a while!

  2. Surprisingly nice design. I’ve always disliked the liveries of Force India almost as much as the uninspired name, but this is definitely a big step in the right direction.

  3. Awesome! Was never really a fan of FI, but switching this year because of the line up. This new livery certainly helps. I’m onboard!
    Wonder how the ugly shirt fits in with this though.

    1. @meander I do hope that that ugly shirt Checo has been spotted with isn’t the actual team wear for this year. Fingers crossed.

  4. Certainly got my attention, and will definitely stand out in the races, expect to see that car plastered in the papers and mags as the car off F1. May just attract some new viewers too.

  5. Hell! That looks amazing! Wasn’t expecting this!

  6. Fantastic, I always wanted to see a new look for FI. I think they got a great one. And looks like they got a handful of new sponsers too. And As per Green the nose currently has is launch specific, and they will chnage it when they are ready to test that feature. Any way good luck for the team, and with a great lineup they can achieve some great results.

  7. Can’t really see but looks like the awful step has gone in favour of a slope, huge improvement for me. Like the livery loads – looks more mean and competitive. Let’s hope it lives up to that on the track.

  8. Taking black as a base color is nice especially considering the fact that it looks very sharp with green and orange but the design seems like the green and orange has been accidentally splashed.

    Looks SHABBY!

  9. Man this team just keeps geeting better. I love it!

  10. It kinda looks like the illegitimate child of last year’s Sauber and Force India liveries.

    That being said, I’m glad they added black, not red.

    1. That’s what I thought!! A Sauber – Force India

      1. A Saurce Bindia?

  11. I to be honest was expecting a slight modification in SFI’s livery incorporating blue to capture all the colours of the Indian flag. But, I was taken by surprise when I saw the new livery! I would have preferred them to replace white with saffron or green at the nose. Other than this I am pretty impressed by the new paint scheme of Force India.

    What about the nose? It looks low from the side profile, but I do hope it isn’t the walrus nose from the front. But I am quite happy that it did not end up like the anteater nose as projected by other forums and websites.

    1. @seahorse

      I am quite happy that it did not end up like the anteater nose as projected by other forums and websites.

      I wouldn’t rule out that possibility based on this image.

      1. I think you are right @keithcollantine. On looking closely, the nose is much closer to the anteater style and perhaps the black shade at the front could have been used to hide the ugliness, who knows!

        1. It could very well be that the white is what’s holding the wing while the black is really the anteater nose tip – but it’s impossible to say, really. According to the rumors; some but not not all teams will sport the anteater nose.

  12. One thing you can notice is that the chassis is very high compared to what we knew from the new rules. I think there’ll be a step on the nose (like someone already suggested) to stay within the limits that is strategically hidden by the front tyre in this side image…anyone agree?

  13. the nose profile seems like it will look strange when viewed from the front. Regardless, cool livery

  14. Where do the numbers go?
    Looks like they’re still gonna be way too small.

  15. I thing that looks great, certainly an improvement on last year and hopefully a bit quicker as well!!

  16. Looks great. Not as bad as I suspected the cars would look this year, from this angle at least.
    Very nice livery too.

  17. Like the livery. Nice change and the black seems to make it appear more aggressive. Will have to wait to see the nose to see how they designed that and then have an opinion on it.

  18. Absolutly love it, great looking car!

  19. That’s a nice livery – it seems to work well with the orange, but not too much is given away regarding the nose. I notice Claro is on the car but not Telmex but they could still be on it when we get a better view or at a later date.

  20. love the livery, certainly reminds us of the 80s-90s colorful cars(bennetton-jordan-larrousse lamborghini).

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