Williams FW36, front, 2014

First image of Williams FW36 reveals ‘anteater’ nose

2014 F1 carsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Williams FW36 render, front three-quarter, 2014

Williams have become the second team to reveal the look of their 2014 F1 car – and the first to show off the design of the widely-debated 2014 noses.

The FW36 features the strikingly narrow, tapered nose which is expected to feature on many of this year’s cars due to the framing of the new regulations.

It is the first Williams to be powered by a Mercedes engine, and chief technical officer Pat Symonds said he was pleased with their collaboration so far.

Williams FW36 and FW35 compared“This is the first time that Williams has worked with Mercedes in F1 and we’ve been very impressed,” he said. “Their professionalism and commitment have been notable and we’re as confident as we can be that the power unit will be competitive.”

Aside from the striking nose design, which is expected to feature on most cars this year, the car features enlarged air intakes to cool the sophisticated new engines and energy recovery systems.

“Overall the cars will need more cooling this year,” Symonds explained. “The demands on water and oil cooling may be slightly diminished, but the [Energy Recovery System] is significantly more powerful and hence needs more cooling. We also have to cool the charge air from the turbocharger compressor which requires a substantial intercooler.”

“There’s a lot more technology on the cars this year,” he added. “We’ve had turbo-charged engines in F1 before; what’s different this time is that it is much more than just an engine change, it is a completely different system.”

“We’ve gone from a slightly hybridised normally aspirated engine to a fully integrated hybrid power unit with novel technology at its heart.”

Symonds said production of the car went according to plan. “But it’s been a challenge to get the car down to the weight limit.”

“It’s been achievable, but it hasn’t been easy because the new power unit is heavier than the outgoing V8.”

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185 comments on “First image of Williams FW36 reveals ‘anteater’ nose”

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  1. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
    23rd January 2014, 9:09

    ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!! My eyes hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Stephen Craig
      23rd January 2014, 9:11

      Soon it will be your ears too! :)

      1. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
        23rd January 2014, 9:15

        I hope not!

      2. :D great one

      3. What’s with the turbo engines? I (IMHO) totally dislike the high pitched noise of the 2000’s(except the v10’s). Early v12 of the 90’s sounded great and v8’s too. BUT the last v8’s where awful.
        I know that the sound of the 80’s turbo will never come back but these engines sound really nice to my ears, with some low end growl and the turbine whistle.

    2. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
      23rd January 2014, 9:14

      That was potentially an overreaction. What we have here is a very nice looking Formula 1 car…apart from a particular few inches.

      1. if only that nose was normal… then we could have a seriously pretty car.

        1. Agree 100%.

      2. I agree. It would be quite a minor problem if it wasn’t in such a prominent place. It doesn’t have the awkward-looking second intake on top of the air-box (like the FI and all recent Ferraris). I’d hoped that the front wing would look a little narrower though. It makes it a bit more proportionate to the rear wing, but not as much as I expected.

      3. … a very nice looking Formula 1 car… apart from a particular few inches.

        It’s like a very pretty girl… apart from her face.

        1. Marc Saunders
          23rd January 2014, 12:08

          That is what most women tell me. “You are quite a guy, apart from a particular few inches…..”

      4. If only they could cut that… thing, at the front, it would be ok :)

      5. I wonder how it will look after the circumcision?

    3. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
      23rd January 2014, 9:29

      The more I look at it the better it gets. It looks properly epic from the side. The nose is not great but utterly tolerable. Frank, you have one satisfied fan here.

      1. That’s one hell of a change in opinion! But yeah I agree it looks fine, people will go mad over the noses for a while then get over it quickly enough. What I’m liking is the narrowed front wing, it looks a lot more sensible than when they stretched past the front tyres.

    4. That nose is not exactly a beauty, but it isnt that bad. I was expecting something worse.
      The looks of the car do get ruined a bit by that nose but it’s all fine for me.

    5. For 2014, regarding the looks department I was expecting for the best but expecting the worst. I’m not shocked with this one, I thought it would be uglier.

      Can that rear wing be stable without a pillar?

      1. @jcost as you can see from that pic, because of the ultra low gearbox, Williams didn’t use a central pillar.

        So with the wing being narrower, thus producing less downforce, I think it’s safe to say that the endplaces only can keep it up.

        1. @fer-no65 I hope they’re right, because it’s gonna be the trend, I guess.

      2. After seeing Scarbs’ interpretation of the rules, this one actually doesn’t seem that bad. It’s not ideal by any means, but I can live with it.

    6. If they make the “anteater” part of the nose the same colour as the front wing (i.e. black in this instance) wouldn’t that help? You could then cosmetically round-off the nose in the car’s main colour.

      Just a thought…

      1. Was thinking along similar lines myself, i may just be able to tolerate the “anteater” noses this year,if they hide them well enough using the paintscheme.

    7. Going by the looks and the anteater trends, You Never Know. Trojan could be the Next McLaren Sponsor. That might be the reason they are shy of revealing the name.

    8. The nose looks like a lonely lady’s bedtime toy.

      Have the regulations eliminated all the exhaust witchery?

    9. you know what worries me the most? with that nose it will be a handfull for parallel parking

    10. Thanks guys, seriously laughed myself silly with the comments :) Exciting weeks ahead of us!

    11. The nose job is the most hideous thing I ever seen besides mclaren and Lotus at the moment. Something is not right….my eyes hurt.

  2. “Anteater” yeah…. more like *cough*

    1. hehehehe :D

    2. @timpey Actually the car looks good …apart from the er… ( I can’t call it a nose ) . I think RBR’s secret this year will be the flexible …er…. whatever ( good luck imagining that ) . Seb could call his car Free willy . LOL. I don’t know what merc have in store .

  3. It’s nowhere near as bad as the platypus noses.

    And it is considerably better than the early sketches of the designs. The one released by Red Bull made the nose look like an afterthought. Which I suspect was deliberate.

    1. I agree. These cars are a large improvement aesthetically over last year.

  4. No sponsors at all?!

    1. only a CAD image… very rough, I believe there will be sponsors on the next level vizualisations

      1. Of late, Williams have used a dark blue interim livery for testing, then publish the final design ahead of the first race.

  5. I don’t think it is that bad. It could be alot worse. I’ve seen plenty of possible outcomes throughtout the past months and I really like this one compared to others. I still think it is ugly but there were worse alternatives.

    And in the end, if this car/year brings us some good racing I can’t be bothered with the ****-noses.

    1. What was the other alternatives for noses?

  6. Force India have the “panther”.

    Williams have the “anteater”.

    Caterham have the “alien”.

    Now that Ron Dennis is running the show at McLaren, I shudder to think of how they are going to imbue it with animal qualities. I’m bracing myself for the “wobbygong”. And no, that is not a typo.

    1. Shouldn’t that be “wobbegong”?

    2. How do you know about the Caterhams car? Or is it a guess?

    3. oh, if only Eddie Jordan was still running a team… we’d have an animal (or insect) appropriately painted onto that thing.

    4. Andrew Paterson
      23rd January 2014, 13:22

      How about ‘the gonzo’ ?

    5. They already have the kiwi …

  7. Who’s idea was that !?

    1. A combination of Pat Symonds, Jason Somerville and Ed Wood most likely.

  8. The nose looks truly terrible and I only hope that I get used to it in the course of time. Keep your kids away from this sport.

    If the rules were more open, we would at least have some diversity but now we’ll probably have 22 ugly cars.

    1. I would think that nose is something you might enjoy looking at, well hung and all @girts :-P

      Honestly, I do not think it looks as horrible as feared, at least they tapered the change in width a bit to make it a smooth transition. And it looks as if FI have done the same, making these noses look “interesting” – a bit like the “broken and badly mended” one on the Lotus in the last 2 years – rather than the horrible boxy LEGO nose on cars like the FI, Ferrari, Williams (2012) and Caterhams.

      I rank it in the same category as the unformly things Newey came up with for the last Red Bulls, taking diverse looks as a pre and a point of interest to look at what changes there during the season.

      1. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
        23rd January 2014, 9:31

        @bascb – I agree, it’s a massive improvement on the broken noses, and frankly just an interesting design development in F1.

      2. @bascb Well, there are other websites for THAT, you don’t expect to see such content on F1 Fanatic or Nickelodeon :)

        I’m usually open to new, extraordinary changes to F1 car designs but I just don’t like this.

      3. @bascb – If they’re all only as bad as the Williams, it’s not quite as bad as I first feared. I got used to the snowplow front wings, the tiny rear wings and eventually, the stepped noses, so I’m sure I can get used to the ****noses as well.

        I’m reserving my judgement on whether it’s as horrible as I feared though until I’ve seen more though as there’s a good chance some of the teams near the top will create something turely horrible!

        1. I’m reserving my judgement on whether it’s as horrible as I feared though until I’ve seen more though as there’s a good chance some of the teams near the top will create something turely horrible!

          I am sure that Adrian Newey won’t let us down there and produce something horribly but fast @petebaldwin!

      4. To me, the nose doesn’t look too bad. I kind of like the Williams design, given the circumstances of course.

      5. @bascb I don’t think they tapered the transition just to make it look better, as with everything in F1 there must be a logical reason behind that, my guess is that it makes the nose stronger in a front impact.
        Force India said yesterday they will come up with a more aggressive nose design later on because they didn’t want to fail the crash tests, I imagine it will be a deeper cut “finger” within the nose.

        1. I don’t think so either @mantresx, the smooth transition can be better for aero, just like many teams found the vanity panels last year to give them a bit better flow.

  9. Eeesh

    Ah! Not to worry, we’ll all get used to it!

  10. The sidepods look bigger than last year.

    The nose looks ummm.. terrible would be an understatement. It looks like a limp p**is to me.

    1. Not sure what your p**is looks like but I suggest a trip to your local GP! Having a “W” tattooed above it is also a mistake…

          1. That’s brilliant!

          2. Can a picture get COTD?

          3. Very funny!

            I wonder if Red Bull’s “nose” will be flexible? They could paint it pink and get Durex to sponsor it! It would be a hell of an incentive for the drivers to prevent the car behind them from closing the gap…

          4. @kingshark
            I saw this at work and all my coworkers looked at me all weirded out becaused I laughed so hard out loud!! BRILLIANT!!

  11. It’s not great, but still a whole lot better than the stepped noses of 2012.

    1. @roald what if there’s a car with combination of stepped nose and anteater? likely Lotus…

  12. what r these pointed noses supposed to achieve really?

    1. The target was to have the tip of the nose low, so that in case of a crash with another car the nose gets buried under a chassis (ahm lets not think about that cxxk-pit) rather than going over the top and hitting the driver or getting airborne @sd

      1. i get the low nose part, but what is the purpose of the pointy nose?

        1. In recent years teams have learnt how much better it is to get as much airflow under the nose as possible, so now they try to still keep as much of it high up, and let only the minimum allowed in the rules (the narrow section bending down) to block airflow in that area @sd.

      2. Call me pessimist but couldn’t this low nose course almost the same type of accident as the high nose. With the high nose that car rode over the struck car but this low nose, if it goes in just behind the front wheels, could cause the struck car to ride up over the striking car, end result the same.

        Here’s hoping it doesn’t happen.

    2. the cars would still prefer a high nose, to feed the aero but the laws state a low nose to help prevent take off situations.what the strip does is to allow both

      1. Hmm could have some interesting failure mode’s i can see that low nose digging in to the back of car in front and possibly flipping it over

  13. That’s more or less OK I would say. I expected worse…
    I prefer this to the “duck cars”.

  14. You had one job FIA! One job!

    1. .. And they’ve succeeded, in lowering the nose tip. It’s not their job to design cars some fans would call aesthetically pleasing.

      1. It’s not their job to design cars some fans would call aesthetically pleasing.

        They made it their job with the vanity panels last year.

        1. It’s not their job though.. It’s their job to make cars safe. Should they allow something for aesthetic reasons, then surely that’s at their discretion, but it’s not their job.

          1. I’m not saying they made it their job to continue doing so, but they have recent history so it in’t as though there isn’t a precedent.

        2. The vanity panels were optional though, Most teams opted to run them because it was found to be more aerodynamically beneficial than having the step.

          This year the FIA have not forced teams to run the narrow noses, They simply lowered them. The teams decided it was better to go for a narrow nose.

          If the FIA mandated nose specs to prevent these narrow noses then everyone would just complain that everyone was been forced to run similar looking noses because it had become a spec fia part.

          1. True but they all are going to run the same nose anyway so in reality, the only difference would be that they’d all look a bit less ugly.

      2. @joetoml1n You do realize that the rules could have been made in such a way that it didn’t include these noses, it was the FIA that restricted the teams to such designs in the first place and I will keep them responsible for this.

        1. The FIA didn’t restrict the teams to these designs. A BGP 001 type nose would also be an option given the regs, the teams are choosing not the go down that route though.

  15. williams logo redesigned too.
    also I think this isn’t their actual 2014 car shape, rather a generic image to show off the new nose.

    1. no, its the actual rendering of Williams new car in the development stage it was at in December @sato113.

      Some interesting details like not having support pillars for the rear wing (lets see how that develops) and cooling gills behind the driver too.

  16. A great asset to puncture rival’s tyres!

    1. The extremities of the cars are designed to avoid punctures :)

  17. Imagine if Viagra would sponsor them..

    1. no, because its pointing the wrong way

  18. Sigh!

    If this is what others have done I wont have a proper wallpaper this year :'(

    1. @arijitmaniac They look ok from the side… That’s what I’m going t have to go with this year.

  19. It’s OK to have an anteater nose.
    It’s OK to be proud of it.
    But don’t go waving it around in public.
    And for goodness sake, don’t go shoving it down F1 fans’ throats.

    1. I guess its good to see how they are not afraid to show their parts in public though (FI hid them in a side view and black paintjob!) @mouse_nightshirt!

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