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FIA proposes new 2014 rules but keeps double points

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McLaren, Korea, 2013The FIA World Motor Sport Council has proposed further changes to the F1 rules for 2014 following today’s meeting in Geneva. They will be added to the rule book if they are approved by the F1 Commission.

Among the changes is the power for race stewards to impose a five-second time penalty on a car which can be served during a pit stop. A driver serving such a penalty would have to sit in his pit box with no work being performed on his car for five seconds, after which his team may change his tyres and perform other tasks.

Drivers will also be forbidden from stopping on the track after the race has finished in order to ensure they have enough fuel left in their car to provide a sample, as happened on several occasions last year. If it is approved by the F1 Commission, this will no longer be considered satisfactory grounds for stopping a car.

A further proposal would allow teams additions exemptions from the current curfew governing how much time their mechanics can spend working on their cars during a race weekend. Instead of the current two, teams would have six exemptions this year, to allow for the added complexity of working on this year’s cars.

The World Motor Sport Council also proposed requiring team members to wear helmets during qualifying as well as in the race, and increasing the minimum weight limit by one kilo to 691kg, due to differences in weight between this year’s tyres and those used last year.

The changes were agreed at a Strategy Group meeting chaired by FIA president Jean Todt and attended by Bernie Ecclestone and team representatives

A statement issued by the FIA made no reference to new rule which will award double points for the last race of the season, which has attracted widespread criticism from fans.

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