Start, Silverstone, 2013

Double points ‘opposed by most teams’

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Start, Silverstone, 2013In the round-up: As F1 misses a chance to get rid of the double points rule, most competitors are apparently opposed to it.


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F1 will award double points in 2014 (BBC)

“Prior to Wednesday’s meeting in Geneva, one leading team boss, who wanted to remain anonymous, told BBC Sport that ‘most participants would agree to ditch’ the points proposal if they were given the chance.”

Renault: Lotus test absence will hurt (Autosport)

“Clearly anybody that isn’t able to run at Jerez will be a little bit behind and that includes the power unit side of the equation.”

Analysis – head-on comparison: 2013/14 (F1)

“The sidepods and sidepod openings… will grow in size in 2014 thanks to the increased cooling demands of the new power unit coupled with larger mandatory deformable crash structures.”

Santander sponsorship renewal boosts McLaren (Reuters)

“Banking group Santander has renewed its sponsorship deal with McLaren, a boost for the Formula One team which is still seeking a title partner for the coming season.”

Let’s do launch: F1 2014 is go! (McLaren)

“Possibly the very strangest Formula 1 car launch of them all occurred in 1974, when the bizarrely named Maki team took the wraps off its Cosworth-engined contender in a manner than can only be described as bizarre.”

A Great Nine Years: Season 10 Starts Here… (Red Bull via YouTube)

A memo to all Formula 1 journalists (The F1 Broadcasting Blog)

“To Formula One journalists attending the three tests and races: please exercise your power and put pressure on all in power to drop double points.”


Comment of the day

Despairing if unsurprised is how I would characterise the reaction to yesterday’s confirmation that the widely hated double points rule isn’t going anywhere for now.

This is yet another example of the FIA being completely out of touch with the core fanbase of this sport. They?re chasing larger audiences in the completely wrong way, instead of fostering closer competition and making a concerted effort to reduce costs they?re chasing gimmicks that debase the sporting credentials of F1 for the sake of ‘entertainment’.

This can only lead to long term damage of the sport in the pursuit of short-term gains. Those that are passionate about what F1 is will be turned off as the traits of the sport that have drawn audiences for decades are eroded and replaced by hollow gimmicks and regulatory manipulations designed solely to create artificial excitement. F1???s credibility as a fair competition will be replaced with a view that it is little more than professional-wrestling in expensive cars. The FIA are determined to make Formula 1 a ??show? by destroying what makes it a sport.

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On this day in F1

Happy birthday to Luca Badoer who turns 43 today.

Unfortunately Badoer holds the record for the longest F1 career without scoring a point, with 50 starts. If only his Minardi M01 had kept going those final 13 laps at the Nurburgring in 1999 while he was holding a glorious fourth place.

Badoer also had the second-longest gap between consecutive race appearances, spending nine years, nine months and 24 days on the sidelines between his final race for Minardi that year and his unlikely comeback with Ferrari after Felipe Massa was injured in 2009.

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