Lotus E22 render, top, 2014

Lotus E22: First pictures

2014 F1 carsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine


Here are the first pictures of Lotus’s new contender, the E22, which features a double-pronged nose.

Lotus issued the images via its Twitter account after McLaren revealed its MP4-29.

No further information was issued about the new car, which is expected to make its first track appearance at the second pre-season test at Bahrain on February 19th. It bears the logos of PDVSA, who back new driver Pastor Maldonado, and new sponsor Yotaphone.

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150 comments on “Lotus E22: First pictures”

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  1. When one isn’t enough :’)

    1. ha ha!!

    2. Still, at least it’s different :P

    3. :DDDDDDD perfect

    4. Why are they of different length…

      1. Just the angle of the picture.

          1. @keithcollantine

            Is it possible they really have 2 noses of different length to suite the rules?

            The long one is there to fit the rules while the other one is shorter to not be considered as a nose and thus reducing the official area of the nose.

          2. @keithcollantine
            Are cars now being designed as male and female? Because McLaren could be perfectly inserted into Lotus by that nose device.
            And on the more serious side, could it be that it has something to do with clockwise and anti-clockwise tracks?

          3. @dujedcv that crossed my mind too, but it makes little sense, as the effect would be minimal, or?

            I think it is more likely to be a bit of a stunt to get some good ole cheap talk of the town – it seems like they need everything they can get these days.

      2. @ScarbsF1 said on Twitter that “The two tusks are unequal lengths, longer one forms the 9000mm2 tip, the other is also a crash strcuture, both act as Y250 flow conditioners”. I believe that he is more of an expert than me.

        1. Im guessing its longer to comply with cross cut regs.

      3. Lotus have calculated there are more left handers and the new nose will be faster in those…

      4. The nose is curious, but if the actual nose weren’t so short and the two bits were the same length it’d remind me of the 2004 Williams and actually look menacing and better.

        1. The epic Walrus, definitely!

    5. Interesting rear wing.. no pillar for support, and what looks like bodywork to aim the exhaust out the back..

    6. I wouldn’t want to be the pit crew that has to stand in front of that car, the potential for ruined shins is massive especially with Maldonardo in the drivers seat.

      1. Maldonado and Grosjean .. with these twin tuskers !
        Pit lane is not so safe is it …

    7. They trolled McLaren perfectly. :)

    8. I am pretty sure this a fake photo. The blacks don’t match on the nose and one pillar is too short. I am pretty sure this is an E21 with a shopped nose.

      1. @bertie, this is a render.

      2. @bertie It’s a render from their official site.

      3. … with an exaggerated FOV.

      4. @bertie

        I agree, I don’t think this is the real E22.

    9. The nose looks like either some tweezers or a dead pelican! Maybe even a tuning fork…

      Anyway, interesting to see the various interpretations of the new rules. In a year’s time they’ll all probably look the same. I’m not sure what the Lotus will look like head-on. A bit like a rampaging, toothless yokel maybe?

      1. Lol – the dead pelican would an awesome name for the car.

        1. @daved came up with the camel toe – much better lol

    10. Im sure the nose is modelled on this –

      Who said F1 is the pinnacle of engineering ?!?

    11. this kinda makes me wanna see a head on between a Lotus and McLaren now….

  2. What a nose!

    1. FIA needs a new rule: Best Nose Gets 25 points for WCC…

    2. @mike-dee Its less offensive than the McLaren.

      Also the prongs are the same colour as the front wing so they’re less obtrusive

  3. A much better nose!

  4. This actually looks pretty cool, hopefully it actually works and shows up on the grid

  5. Yes! Variety! How we’ve missed you…

  6. Thought they might have done something more with the livery, but oh well.

    1. Steph (@stephanief1990)
      24th January 2014, 12:35

      I think the livery is gorgeous (I love Mclaren’s too) but it’s like there’s a competition to see who can design the most ugly nose. I actually feel bad I ever complained about the noses from last year, they were beautiful compared to this.

  7. Interesting nose design….

    1. And at least one new sponsor, can’t be a bad thing…

      1. The Galactic Empire, apparently

  8. Williams Walrus 10th anniversary evolution edition!?

      1. Ha! That was my first thought!

    1. The walrus was a lot better in my opinion…

    2. I’m kind of thinking “the Lotus camel-toe”. LOL

  9. looks like something from robot wars !! I like it :)

  10. ummmm… ok well I don’t hate it. Actually that looks a LOT better than the others so far…. I think..

  11. Its a shame they couldn’t have a bar at the end of the two forks, that would have made it look nice.

  12. A much better nose! still allows airflow, and “Fork nose” is much better than “Penis nose”

  13. Variety! Not being sarcastic, I love the fact there are different solutions! Looks good to me.

  14. best looking car so far, will be keen to see it in the flesh and not a rendering

  15. Hang on a sec – those 2 bits on the nose aren’t the same length. The right hand side is longer!? Surely just down to a CAD mistake?

    1. I was thinking that. It’s surely a mistake!?

        1. I’ve read the Autosport article which clears that up.
          Thank you for your input.

          1. To clear it up for anyone who hasn’t read the info yet: http://scarbsf1.com/blog1/2014/01/25/analysis-lotus-e22-twin-tusk-nose/

            Basically, it’s against the regs to have 2 tips so to get around this, Lotus have made one shorter thus technically, only having one tip. If they are quick in Jerez, there will be protests. No doubt.

  16. I like the livery, nice one there Lotus. And at least they have tried to make the nose look good, it reminds me somewhat of the “Walrus nose” that Williams once had on their car.

    1. Someone said in the last month that Lotus was looking at the walrus nose… I wonder how they knew that and I also wondered how it would work. Now I know.

  17. Are… are those two sections of the double nose not the same length?!

    1. well it’s not a real car, and you can’t rely on the 3D artists at Lotus to have the money to finish the model ;)

    2. Yeah i noticed that – must just be down to a bad drawing. There would be no benefit on them not being the same length unless you were racing round ovals.

      1. Everyone’s an expert..

    3. I think the one of the tops needs to be more than 50 mm behind the other to meet regulations.

      1. Yup, now the right tip is regarded as the main crash structure and a cross section slice would be unbroken, per the regs.

    4. The person setting up the render has gone a bit overboard with the lens settings on the virtual camera and has caused a ‘fish-eye’ effect. The most noticeable distortion to the object is always at the closest point to the camera lens – in this case the front right corner.

      1. Not the case, as the wing below the nose isn’t distorted at all.

        I suspect that actually, since the rules specify that you can only have one nose, one prong protrudes further than the other one so that it can be classified as the ‘nose’ while the other prong is just.. another bit of bodywork. Otherwise technically this would breach the rules.

        1. My mistake – it is exactly as ungainly as it appears to be. :)

      2. Mclaren probably had snatched him before he could complete the the image.

    5. They didn’t have the money to make the left one the same length as the other.

      1. Which is strange because usually the left one is the one that hangs a little longer…. haha

  18. Central pillar on the rear wing, or lighting effect on the inside of endplate?
    Also, I can’t see the exhaust..

  19. I’m liking this and really enjoying the regulation change thus far. It really shows a team’s ingenuity when given a set of specification and everyone comes out with a different results.

    Let’s hope they work on track

    1. Hey, if the Lotus had a head-on with the McLaren then maybe we’d get lots of little go-karts a few months later!

      1. Ha, looks like someone beat me to it HERE

      2. lol ! looks like weve got our first “female” car of 2014 in the lotus !

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