Lotus E22 render, top, 2014

Lotus E22: First pictures

2014 F1 carsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine


Here are the first pictures of Lotus’s new contender, the E22, which features a double-pronged nose.

Lotus issued the images via its Twitter account after McLaren revealed its MP4-29.

No further information was issued about the new car, which is expected to make its first track appearance at the second pre-season test at Bahrain on February 19th. It bears the logos of PDVSA, who back new driver Pastor Maldonado, and new sponsor Yotaphone.

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150 comments on “Lotus E22: First pictures”

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  1. Nice to see cars that do not look alike

  2. After seeing the E22, I’m curious to see what Newey will come up with. A trident maybe?

    1. @toiago
      Or maybe he dusts off the old Williams FW14 and installs a turbo whistle in the exhaust to fool the FIA.

  3. Classic news management. “Don’t look at that…look at this!”

  4. Wow was that design inspired by Eddie Jordan. That’s quite a camel hoof!

  5. Also, who’s Yotaphone. Looks like the sort of sponsor you might see on an unofficial model of a McLaren.

  6. UH-OH……cameltoe?! (Im sorry, it has to be said)

    1. I said the same thing earlier, but nobody else seems to see it but us???

  7. I knew Grosjean and Maldonado like to crash into cars but Lotus didn’t have to make them a forklift to clean up the mess.

  8. With the teams coming up with some great ideas for their car designs, plus the new engines should make for some brillant first few races. I cant wait!

  9. Congrats Mrs Force-India, Mrs Williams & Mrs McLaren you’ve all had boys. Mrs Lotus, it appears you’ve had a girl.

  10. this year, you can see much of the noticeable differences in all cars bodywork and i think that is incredible..

  11. This year noses will come like USB – with “male” and “female” configuration.

  12. McLaren is male while Lotus is female.. They fit!

  13. I’m waiting for Ferrari or someone to reveal their car with a trident as their nose.
    I’d imagine that car would be good in rainy conditions, as it would be the king of the seas.

    1. Sadly, a trident nose doesn’t give any benefits :P

      This is by far one of the most interesting workarounds I’ve seen so far, making your car asymmetrical :P

  14. the nose of the e 22=a slot piece for the mclaren and williams

  15. Methinks the went the tusked route knowing at least Maldonado would be up the tailpipe of a few competitors this season and were looking to avoid the inevitable PR fallout.

  16. Nose design (and plug):
    McLaren: Male
    Lotus: Female

  17. Nice solution. Now we wait to see if it works.

  18. Lotus decided that Maldonado didnt break enough front noses last year, so they gave it 2, but seriously what a beautiful forklift

  19. If it races in Melbourne like that, I’ll eat the hat I don’t normally wear (thanks Murray!)
    Surely it’s another “launch nose” – a rendered picture, released just as McLaren launched theirs, smells of more attention-seeking by those wacky, crazy Lotus PR clowns.

    Credit where it’s due though, I liked their picture of Eric Boullier’s leaving gift (earlier on Twitter). Good work.

  20. Lotus seems a bit like a jealous ex girlfriend for releasing this 2 minutes after McLaren launched their car, especially unannounced.

    That being said, the first time I saw it I thought the front end looked like a FR3.5 car a bit, apart from the double nose thing.

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