Lotus E22: First pictures

2014 F1 cars


Here are the first pictures of Lotus’s new contender, the E22, which features a double-pronged nose.

Lotus issued the images via its Twitter account after McLaren revealed its MP4-29.

No further information was issued about the new car, which is expected to make its first track appearance at the second pre-season test at Bahrain on February 19th. It bears the logos of PDVSA, who back new driver Pastor Maldonado, and new sponsor Yotaphone.

2014 F1 cars

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150 comments on Lotus E22: First pictures

  1. Mouse_Nightshirt (@mouse_nightshirt) said on 24th January 2014, 21:50

    So I’ve had a look at the released shots of the new generation F1 cars. We have penis nosed and camel toe nosed cars. Maldonado is driving one of the camel toe cars. Can we see where this is going?

  2. Deej92 (@deej92) said on 24th January 2014, 22:29

    Having read the Autosport article it is now clear why one side of the nose is longer than the other. The noses we’ve seen so far may not be the prettiest things we’ve ever seen, but they are NOT as bad as the stepped nose of 2012, thus far.

    One thing I noticed is that there’s no Total branding. Surely Grosjean is still backed by them, or have they put all their eggs into the Red Bull basket? And there’s no Saxo Bank branding either but that was only recently announced. I’m sure liveries (including add sponsors) and designs will be evolving as testing goes on.

  3. Wesley (@wesley) said on 24th January 2014, 23:13

    This just gives Grosjean a backup nose so he won’t have to pit after the 1st one is destroyed on his opening lap.(maybe that was more appropriate a couple of seasons ago but,I couldn’t resist)

  4. Fisha695 (@fisha695) said on 24th January 2014, 23:57

    Wonder if they will switch which side has the longer tusk depending on if there are more left or right hand turns at a particular track?

  5. Motoduck said on 25th January 2014, 0:08

    YES! Black with gold. Red doesn’t even look that bad!

  6. Joseph said on 25th January 2014, 3:25

    What the fork?

  7. bharat (@bharat141) said on 25th January 2014, 5:16

    To don’t see TOTAL on that car. All the places where total was present on E21 were replaced by PDVSA. Did total leave RoGro?

  8. Rodney said on 25th January 2014, 8:01

    The worst design so far. Horrible looking. Like a broken nose. Much prefer the mclaren. No idea what the people are seeing here. God my eyes hurt.

  9. John Donald said on 25th January 2014, 15:42

    A pickle fork?

  10. nidzovski (@nidzovski) said on 25th January 2014, 18:43

    It would be very awkward if McLaren and Lotus collide nose to nose.

  11. smudgersmith1 (@smudgersmith1) said on 26th January 2014, 7:30

    I think the man on the Clapham Omnibus would say, “it has two tips” I will be amazed if it flies at the first race .

  12. Ludwig (@ludwigmic) said on 26th January 2014, 12:42

    Not a camel toe or tuning fork: it’s a shark! http://www.oceanicresearch.org/jpegs/jbird_shark_claspers.jpg

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