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McLaren MP4-29: First pictures

2014 F1 carsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Following a difficult season the McLaren MP4-29 needs to deliver in 2014. Here are the first pictures of McLaren’s new contender.

“We?ve never had such significant new regulations before,” said McLaren managing director Jonathan Neale. “Reacting to them, and managing those changes, while still pushing the performance limits, has been an extremely tough job.”

Neale said the team have taken a “pragmatic” approach to the new regulations. “We know that the need for consistency initially outweighs the need for performance ?ǣ the winter tests won?t be about chasing set-up or refining the car; the envelope of performance is likely to be so wide, and so relatively unknown, that the winter ?ǣ and to some extent the opening races ?ǣ will be about understanding the operational boundaries of the car as best we can.”

“This year, more than ever, will come down to a development race,” he added. “I don?t necessarily think you can expect the car that wins the opening race to be the car that leads the championship charge, something we?ve often seen in the past.”

“No, it will be all about a team?s ability to react and respond. We already have an update package that we?re readying for race one, and we?re discovering new things in the [wind] tunnel, or in CFD, all the time. Once we start track testing, I think you?ll see an intense throughput of ideas and concepts ?ǣ that?s the nitty-gritty that will win or lose the world championship.”

2014 McLaren MP4-29 and 2013 McLaren MP4-28 comparison

McLaren MP4-28 (2013) and MP4-29 (2014), profile

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198 comments on “McLaren MP4-29: First pictures”

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  1. I think we will get used to the noses as the season will go on. We won´t do anything with that.. If everyone is using almost the same concept (at least so far it looks like that), then there is a reason to it.

    a decently looking car.. curious about the other ones

  2. From the front it looks almost like the air intake of a turbine. Time for jet engines again!

  3. Alex McFarlane
    24th January 2014, 12:52

    A head on collision between this and the lotus could be interesting. Maybe mclaren and lotus could have their cars go slowly backwards and forwards nose to nose as a party trick

    1. one of them will get pregnant

      1. lol…it that case it ll be the Lotus

        1. Yeah we’ll end up with little McLotus karts.

          1. Oww, how cute!

  4. Ok…I can’t unsee that…ever…

    But after inspecting all images , it actually looks ok, especialy like the rear end, but full-frontal view is hidious!

  5. The rear wing looks ridiculously tiny! The nose looks stupid but in a good way. And why is it silver? It’s time they ditched the Merc connection, I was hoping for the classic orange for the unveiling at least.

  6. the McLaren and the Lotus can literally make love….. ;-)

    1. this will be a strange f1 season

    2. Some shunts may be X-rated this year.

      1. Tempting for the pit girls..

  7. I find these new noses hideous, and whenever I look at them I just sit thinking of every possible way to just remove them from the cars. But I guess I have to convince myself that they’re not going anywhere and get used to them…

    1. looks like an appendix

  8. McLaren will win this year.
    What will happen is this. When the car ahead sees the McLaren in his rear view mirror, he will laugh so hard that he will drive off the track.

  9. Awww it just looks so sad :(

  10. If you raise your arm and cover the ‘finger’ with your thumb, it starts to look like a really pretty car. But then, unfortunately, your arm gets tired after a while.

    Which also leads me to another problem, I don’t have 22 thumbs or fast enough reflexes to cover every cars nose whilst watching a race on TV :(

  11. I don’t think the nose is that ugly. If anything it is interesting as to see the different interpretations of the nose regulations by the different teams. We will get used to it soon enough. What worries me is the lack of sponsorship on that car and the drivers overalls.

  12. Hope its better than it looks

  13. PEEEEEEEEENISSSSS!!!! Just saying what I see.
    Always thought cars were like ships and were referred to as females until McLaren let it all hang out…

    1. I think F1 is trying to attract more women to the sport with the tip of the head of the car. It must be bernie secret plan

      1. or maybe they want Mr Bean to drive one of those cars

  14. If the Red Bull design is similar, Vettel probably stops naming his car after a female, more like “naughty Wolfgang” :)

  15. These cars are so age-inappropriate.

    First they have these inappropriate extensions on their noses that look suspiciously like oh well.. and then at the rear, they all have a single exhaust hole.

    Its like, one could fix every 2014 car to the other and they could all form a straight line.

  16. had the slot in the nose been vertical and painted red like last year’s car, it wouldn’t have been called the anteater nose!!!

  17. I have seen this nose before. It’s from Squidward Tentacles .

  18. This year, the best photos will DEFINITELY be of the rear. The high-res photo is practically NSFW :P

  19. McLaren seems like they were “hard” at work when building this car!
    Oh man… I definitely like the profile shots and not so much the front ones! LMAO!!

    1. now we know that F1 cars are boys. next year they add the balls..

  20. I hadn’t had my morning coffee yet, and I thought for a couple of minutes I was looking at a Mercedes unveiling. I knew something was wrong, but I couldn’t figure out what… until now.

    1. too much sugar in the coffee?

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