McLaren MP4-29: First pictures

2014 F1 cars

Following a difficult season the McLaren MP4-29 needs to deliver in 2014. Here are the first pictures of McLaren’s new contender.

“We?ve never had such significant new regulations before,” said McLaren managing director Jonathan Neale. “Reacting to them, and managing those changes, while still pushing the performance limits, has been an extremely tough job.”

Neale said the team have taken a “pragmatic” approach to the new regulations. “We know that the need for consistency initially outweighs the need for performance ?ǣ the winter tests won?t be about chasing set-up or refining the car; the envelope of performance is likely to be so wide, and so relatively unknown, that the winter ?ǣ and to some extent the opening races ?ǣ will be about understanding the operational boundaries of the car as best we can.”

“This year, more than ever, will come down to a development race,” he added. “I don?t necessarily think you can expect the car that wins the opening race to be the car that leads the championship charge, something we?ve often seen in the past.”

“No, it will be all about a team?s ability to react and respond. We already have an update package that we?re readying for race one, and we?re discovering new things in the [wind] tunnel, or in CFD, all the time. Once we start track testing, I think you?ll see an intense throughput of ideas and concepts ?ǣ that?s the nitty-gritty that will win or lose the world championship.”

2014 McLaren MP4-29 and 2013 McLaren MP4-28 comparison

McLaren MP4-28 (2013) and MP4-29 (2014), profile

2014 F1 cars

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198 comments on McLaren MP4-29: First pictures

  1. Thomas (@smashnfanatic) said on 24th January 2014, 15:11

    Whats up with the twin extensions either side of the air intake and flaring up near the central exhaust?

    • BJ (@beejis60) said on 24th January 2014, 17:18

      I also wondered this… Looks like a beam wing-like structure but I’m not sure.
      Also, anyone notice the RB9 like tea tray stay?

  2. skyler said on 24th January 2014, 15:21

    Its gonna be funny watching the front wing changes this year. I wonder if they will use the *** as grab points.

  3. George (@george) said on 24th January 2014, 15:38

    Hah! Jenson looks like a teacher with two students

  4. I hope with the help of upgrade packages that the engineers will make the cars ******** before the end of the season.

  5. Patrick (@paeschli) said on 24th January 2014, 15:49

    There is something bizarre at the rear wing. They’ve mounted a fixed outlet under the wing to influence DRS opening or something like that. Is that legal?

  6. deanmachine (@deanmachine) said on 24th January 2014, 15:55

    I remember when I used to use F1 car launches to change my desktop background.

  7. Well, I think it’s just lovely that McLaren are paying tribute to one of their legendary drivers with this car.

    …This car is inspired by James Hunt, right?

  8. Bruce said on 24th January 2014, 16:18

    McLaren shall dub the MP4-29 the “Dodger Todger”

  9. QuadQuantum (@quadquantum) said on 24th January 2014, 16:48

    There must have been a collective gasp of horror when the covers came of that. McLaren opting for the most boring shade of grey in the range.

  10. Royal-Spark (@royal-spark) said on 24th January 2014, 16:53

  11. Mark McDonald said on 24th January 2014, 16:53

    I am pleasantly surprised by its shape.
    Even though I had hoped for “McLaren Orange,” I don’t mind the minimalist livery.
    From what I’ve seen so far, these cars are a step (back) in the right direction.

  12. Osvaldas31 (@osvaldas31) said on 24th January 2014, 17:53

    Am I the only one who thinks that it looks aweome? At least it’s better than duck noses.

  13. Its a Ron penn!$ Car!!
    Good job.

  14. These are not photos they are fake “shots” look at the car with the three drivers then you can see it is a photo-shop badly done joke by them.
    This is not the actual car and launch
    It is a joke
    Only done by McLaren Mercedes
    No wonder they did not do a live release.
    Wonder if the car is truly finished as they say.

  15. Fixy (@fixy) said on 24th January 2014, 18:18

    Just like with nearly all recent McLarens, it’s a beautiful car, but the nose of course. The airbox is wonderful, the livery is great (but too similar to the Mercedes), the driver suits are also fantastic.
    PS: where’s Paffett?

  16. bbbalazs (@bbbalazs) said on 24th January 2014, 18:23

    By playing with the colours the new McLaren look much better
    Here is a link have a look at it:)

  17. 2morrow said on 24th January 2014, 18:42

    I hate these new rules. Last years noses were bad enough but now we have anteaters all over the grid. This is terrible…

  18. They put the Mercedes logo on the “thing”. Is there a subliminal message here?

  19. N0b0dy100 said on 24th January 2014, 19:53

    I guess I’m in the minority, but I like it. Very futuristic looking.

  20. tmekt (@tmekt) said on 24th January 2014, 20:35

    I’m not quite sure what you guys are on about.

    If the stub of a nose would be “cut” it would really beautiful. And it existing alone doesn’t make the car hideous.

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