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Ferrari F14 T: First pictures

2014 F1 carsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Ferrari F14 T

The Ferrari F14 T has been revealed for the first time by the team. Ferrari hope to win their first world championship in six years with their 2014 contender.

Ferrari have retained pull-rod suspension front and rear on the car, but the F14 T is otherwise very different from its predecessor, largely due to the changes in the technical rules for 2014.

The name for the new car was chosen by a public vote of over one million Ferrari fans.

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Images ?? Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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  1. Kimi and Fernando will be driving a car with a vacuum cleaner nose!

    1. Tears coming down my face.

    2. Dear Mr. Bryne and Mr. Allison,
      I don’t mind the design as long as this car would conquer the season.

      1. Doubt they will given they didn’t learn from recent years – continuing with pull rod suspension… Fernando’s downfall was the team’s inability to tune for mechanical grip…his frustration obvious. It will continue. Kimi will be more outspoken if the team lets him down.

        Marca illustrations showed push rob – photos show pull…oh well at least McLaren learned from their mistake…

        1. When a driver like Alonso comes to a team and they start winning, you hear all that bull about how he developed the car for them. But when it doesn’t happen, it is the team’s fault and the team alone, eh?

        2. @indyf1fan while I agree that the pull rod suspension has some disadvantages linked to it, you may note that it also has some added advantages.

          First of all McLaren opted for revolutionary change while every other team chose to evolve their cars from the previous season. McLaren went in a wrong direction with their invented inverted pull rod, thinking everything was fine. It took them time to re-adjust their car to the correct configuration of the pull rod. Moreover they had other issues too which complicated their challenge last season.

          Whereas Ferrari’s lackluster performance last season was down to them unable to keep up with the development race rather than using the pull rod suspension at the front. And since Ferrari has been using this setup for the last two seasons, I don’t think they wouldn’t have evaluated the pros and cons of using the pull rod setup vis-à-vis the push rod setup. So I feel Ferrari are sticking with pull rod front suspension because they believe the pull rod fits in well with the design and aero of the car and has net advantage when compared to the push rod while deploying in their car.

          1. We shall see won’t we. I look at the data not the smoke. Sparks of brilliance driving but the car always let him down…they never could get a grip advantage (except after their experience in the “hidden” tire test…)

            Fernando was the ONLY reason Ferrari remained competitive…

      2. I wish that the nose is steeper, then it would look absolutely superb, just like 92-94 cars

    3. I’d like to call it the F14 Beluga. Beluga Turbo.

        1. Oh my god, I almost got a heart attack. Thanks for the laughs

      1. Nathan (@il-ferrarista)
        25th January 2014, 15:02

        +110 =)

      2. ++1000 You beat me to it. The first words out of my mouth when I saw it were: Oh my God, Fernando and Kimi are driving beluga cars!!!

      3. Carlos Furtado das Neves
        25th January 2014, 20:23

        First picture I saw in my mind was a humpback whale jumping from the water upside down…

      4. Or for those who have small kids:

        perry ornitorrinco

    4. Reminds me of the Airbus Beluga.

      1. It reminds me of a blob fish… and they aren’t pretty !

    5. That sucks.

    6. But the design sets Ferrari and their FIAT (sorry F14T) apart from the rest – at least until next week when we see the others.
      It seems they have a different idea what’s going to be fast this year and this is kind of intriguing.

      1. Some subliminal advertising there

    7. I hope that it does not sound like a vacuum cleaner too…

    8. I’m sure that Ferrari will be ‘Cleaning up the Racetrack’

      1. Yeah, it’s a 1600W A+++ class vacuum cleaner, last model :)
        … Something had to be done with all that rubber.

    9. The problem with the marbles on the track is solved!

      1. Apparently Ferrari signed a new designer over the winter and it’s only just come to light…. James Dyson! And it’s bag less too with roller ball axles on the back. Shocker!

    10. So, are you saying, the 20014 Ferrari will literally SUCK? that’s not really reassuring.

      1. If it literally SUCKS that will be a succes.

        1. @hohum, don’t get too close of the McLarens though, they have a secret weapon.

        2. LOL, yeah. If they manage to make it suck in air through the snout that could be a really killer move @hohum!

      2. @zimkazimka I’m not sure even Eddie Jordan can see THAT far ahead. Not like we’ll be around to find out, anyway.

    11. That’s exactly what I first thought. It looks like the old original DustBuster from the ’80s.

  2. Ah! A better version for 2014 at least

    1. but that’s ugly as well

      1. interesting. other ugly 2014 cars look fine from the side, but with F14T its the other way around.

        1. That was exactly my reaction. Looking directly from the front it’s not too bad. The moment you start to come round to the side however and it’s really not pretty. I still think the Williams rendering is the best-looking overall.

      2. MP4 29 looks way better than this.

        1. +1 what…an…ulgy…*******….car just yuck it looks like a very sad goldfish

    2. No way, this is by far the worst yet. EWWWWW

  3. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    25th January 2014, 13:29

    Actually looks decent!

    Reminds me a bit of a vacuum cleaner nozzle, but Atleast it’s prettier than the Mclaren and Lotus.

    1. I would put a bet on Ferrari changing to a mac later or lotus style nose later on as this design does not seem to allow nearly as much air flow to the underside of the car as other designs.

      1. Maclaren not mac later……… Silly spell correct…..

        1. McLaren to be even correct

        2. It really surprised me as it sends most the air over the nose rather than under it, I’d expect them to revise it as well, but then again they may feed the diffuser differently. They must have a philosophy that led to this, so time will tell who is right.

          Lets see what Red Bull do as that is most likely to be right!!

          1. Well the Ferrari looks practically identical to the maclaren concept drawing. Maclaren must have looked at that design and decided against it.

        3. It’s Mc not Mac.

  4. special! not too bad actually :-)

    1. Special is definitely the adequate word. I’m enjoying the variety these rule changes are bringing but why couldn’t they have this nose but without the dramatic drop before it… I’m guessing we will not be seeing any good looking cars this year…

  5. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
    25th January 2014, 13:31

    I actually think it looks quite cool! And yes, I have indeed lost my mind…

    1. I actually agree with you on this one! Yes, with YOU!?!) Lol

      I think it looks quite bullish and I honestly never found the high noses very harmonic at all.

      1. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
        25th January 2014, 18:33

        @poul Wow, you agree with me? Careful, you might make the sun die prematurely! And yes, reports fresh in, it is snowing in hell…

        I completely agree, I actually hated the high noses of chassis like the F138, FW35 and STR8. Now whilst it’s a stretch to say that this is an improvement, I don’t think it is worse…

    2. I find it not as jarring as some of the other designs we have seen so far.

      1. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
        25th January 2014, 18:34

        @bullmello – Yes, it is not as bad as the MP4-29 and especially the HORRENDOUS E22…

        1. @william-brierty – One thing I like about the F14 T is that it does not have a protruding snout. Something looks really wrong about the snouts that extend so far out beyond the front wing. Particularly, so far, the MP4-29.

          1. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
            25th January 2014, 20:28

            @bullmello – Yes, the MP4-29 definitely has the worst iteration of the “anteater nose”, but I think that is in part redeemed by the fact that the rest of the car is thoroughly aesthetic and very similar to the MP4-27 – the car I thought was the best looking of the hideous “wide front wing and tall rear wing” era.

          2. @william-brierty – I concur, the rest of the MP4-29 is to me the best looking car we have seen so far. Even the grey color looks nice to me, though others don’t seem to be so fond of it.

            We tend to be critical of our current cars, but at least none of them have 6 wheels or other even more bizarre features seen in the past.

          3. Yeah, after I picked myself up off the floor, I decided that I liked that it put me on the floor, and I kinda don’t mind it…I think…it does look odd but I find it also looks striking, like Ferrari road cars do, and it looks fast, and powerful, and intimidating. Maybe seeing it in action will decide it for me. I sure like all the cars from the side, but I really only like the Ferrari and the Williams (rendering) so far.

          4. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
            26th January 2014, 13:27

            @bullmello – I really don’t think it will take too long to get used to the new look. Without their noses, the MP4-29 and FW36 would be beautiful racing cars, and the F14 T is perfectly palatable. The only problem is the E22, or the walrus, as I shall dub it, but still, at least we are seeing design variation. Also, at least we haven’t seen a car ugly enough to trigger an involuntary projectile vomit like the FW26, yet…

  6. Extremely fat sidepods.
    This could be an extremely mad year. This could be the fastest, or the slowest car by an absolute mile.

    1. It’s actually got the smallest sidepods of any 2014 car we’ve seen to date.

  7. I hope Ferrari haven’t missed a trick by not having an Aardvark nose…there’s a lot riding on the F14 T being competitive. Here’s hoping it’s fast even if it isn’t that pretty!

    1. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
      25th January 2014, 14:22

      @colossal-squid – My thoughts exactly. Even though I like the look actually, the fact that Ferrari haven’t gone for an “anteater nose” is somewhat concerning, especially with the nose set to be a pivotal area of division for the teams with the FW36, MP4-29 and E22 all addressing it differently. That said, we all thought McLaren had missed a trick in 2012 by not going with a nose step, and what happened? The MP4-27 turned out to be the fastest car of the season.

      1. McLaren really did miss a trick with the MP4-27. By the time we got to the fifth grand prix they changed the nose completely, making it a lot higher.
        The problem for McLaren was hanging on to the low chassis for too long. The low chassis wasn’t as dependant on the high nose as the high chassis design was. But the high chassis was the right design for the previous rule set. McLaren admitted as such by abandoning the low chassis for 2013. They had exploited all of it and would be hard pressed to make it faster for 2013 (while all other teams did turn up with faster cars) so they went the high chassis route. Of course we saw how that went for them but that had more to do with them lagging the others a few years.

        TL;DR the MP4-27 was the fastest but it was developed to the extreme and didn’t have anything left to improve on for 2013. High chassis and thus stepped noses were the definitive best solution for the 2012-2013 rules.

  8. Ladies and gentlemen, the world’s first V6 Turbo Vacuum Cleaner!

    1. The Ferrari vacuum cleaner will be a good solution for removing the rubber marbles during the races.

      1. until a bigger chunk gets stuck in the slot, that is!

    2. @craig-o
      And we all ready have a V6 fork, and so far two V6… lady… pleasure.. devices..
      While I don’t think they are pretty, it is good that F1 has finally got some relevance to the real world. The consumer market is going to love the next gen, V6 powered fork and knife sets and whatever else they can come up with.
      I should start saving up all ready!

  9. Never thought the penis noses would actually look good compared to something, guess I was wrong

  10. That’s hysterically ugly! I hope everyone who criticised the McLaren will now rethink.

    1. McLaren and Williams were the ugliest so far now me thinks @hunocsi

  11. Prefer the McLaren! This just looks weird in my opinion!

    1. You dont feel having a one eyed snake at the tip of your car is not more weird? :P

  12. It is essentially like last years car has melted.

    1. You mean the front end alone ;) @formula-1

  13. The ugliest car Kimi will ever have a “privilege” to drive, that’s for sure.

    1. Which could be said about every car we have seen so far. Especially the Lotus would have achieved that too.

      1. I think Lotus is clearly the best-looking car we’ve seen so far. Especially their livery is just superior compared to anyone else.

        1. Force India was nice. We haven’t seen final liveries for McLaren or Williams yet.

          1. I have to disagree with you. Force India completely ruined their decent color scheme by adding that random black to their car.

        2. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
          25th January 2014, 18:39

          @huhhii – What?????????????? The E22 was HORRENDOUS! Two noses? Really? The Williams, Ferrari and even McLaren were much better, and in the case of all three, they looked better than I expected.

          1. @william-brierty At least E22 is on balance. It looks like the odd nose actually fits the rest of the car. Ferrari did nothing else but brought F138 and slammed that horrendous nose to it. And added some random uninspired black to the rear. Wohoo.

          2. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
            25th January 2014, 20:37

            @huhhii – The E22 has two noses! Nothing more needs to be said! It is not a Formula 1 car, it is a walrus. I just can’t see myself getting used to that, but the F14T is perfectly tolerable. Yes, it looks weird. Yes, it looks like John Prescott sat on the nose but at least it isn’t an anteater. OK, the black is a mistake, but if you what is behind the black you’ll notice that the rear end is completely different to the F138 now that Ferrari have abandoned their focus on the “coke-bottle” region of the car. I think it looks good, especially with the rear wing that bears an incredible resemblance to the one used on the MP4-24.

          3. @william-brierty By the same logic I could say F14T is not a formula one car but a vacuum cleaner with prancing horse logo painted all over it.

            It’s a matter of taste. I’m already completely fine with E22. I don’t think F14T will ever grow on me, but of course it’s still possible at this point. It’s a long way to go and anything can happen.

            Resemblances to MP4-24 don’t sound promising as we all remember what a dog of a car MP4-24 was ;)

          4. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
            26th January 2014, 12:58

            @william-brierty – I guess on balance I prefer the look of a vacuum cleaner to the look of a walrus! Beauty, really does appear to be in the eye of the beholder…

            Saying that the F14 T doesn’t sound promising based on a rear wing that bears a frankly incredible resemblance to the rear wing of a MP4-24 is somewhat premature though. Especially since Hamilton scored more points than anyone in the second half of the season, scored two wins and four pole positions in the “dog” that was the MP4-24…

  14. It still looks weird ! but at least it’s a bit prettier at the nose than the Lotus, McLaren or Williams.

    Black is winning over red?!

    1. Sadly, yes. More red please Ferrari!

    2. Actually the longer I am forced to look at it, the less it bothers me. Then again, the longer I look at it, the more it looks like last years car bar the nose.

      1. The Lotus needs shooting at birth. Awful, easily the worst looking car of the field, possibly one of the worst of all time.

    3. It looks like Eddie Brock; a.k.a. Venom is slowly taking over Ferrari….

      Well, at least maybe it will also have super powers!

    4. @fer-no65

      Black is winning over red?!

      Yes annoyingly so. I would much rather see black win over white in their colour scheme.

  15. Forgive me Luca for I have sinned!

  16. Hate the livery. Ferrari’s should be fully red, not half red and half black!

    1. Yes. Are they trying to hide something at the back?
      Or just make it look like a Marussia?

      1. Or avoid advertising restrictions.

        1. Yes of course because Marlboro own that shape (arrowhead) and anyone who uses it must be trying to get people to smoke Marlboro…

          1. @joshua-mesh
            No, but Marlboro, or at least the guy who owns the damn thing, is still paying Ferrari an absurd amount of money each year.
            It is not unlikely that Ferrari will try to incorporate a few subtle clues in their livery.

          2. Maybe they dont have any subtle clues and instead get their advertising from discussions like this one, where users themselves draw attention to the brand by discussing such conspiracy theories.

        2. History Channel?

    2. Agree, saw a pic of the 2012 car a few days ago. Looked so much cleaner.

    3. I for one like very much the black/white livery, the F138 was the best looking ferrari since a while.

  17. Platybus is back !!!

    1. reminds me of the Beluga Airbus :(

  18. oh my, even worse than the McLaren

  19. Mama Mia! I think I am going to follow the races on the radio. This is just ridiculous. Although the Ferrari looks the best from all other cars, but nevertheless it is still hideous.

  20. if you don’t use the “finger” design in the purpose to get as much air under the car as possible… why, why, why? my beautiful Ferrari car maker create such an abomination? ohhhhh why?

    1. Because they and the FIA got bored of harming kittens and stealing children’s candy.

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