Ferrari F14 T: First pictures

2014 F1 cars

Ferrari F14 T

The Ferrari F14 T has been revealed for the first time by the team. Ferrari hope to win their first world championship in six years with their 2014 contender.

Ferrari have retained pull-rod suspension front and rear on the car, but the F14 T is otherwise very different from its predecessor, largely due to the changes in the technical rules for 2014.

The name for the new car was chosen by a public vote of over one million Ferrari fans.

2014 F1 cars

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Images ?? Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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220 comments on Ferrari F14 T: First pictures

  1. obviously said on 25th January 2014, 14:39

    Seems Ferrari still haven’t fixed their wind tunnel.

  2. sumedh said on 25th January 2014, 14:44

    Leaving aside the vaccum cleaner, do the sidepods look smaller than the McLaren’s? Is the Ferrari engine easier to cool?

    • That, or they calculated it using their funky old wind tunnel and put in 2013 data by accident.

      Wouldn’t put it past them after recent years…

  3. synapseza (@synapseza) said on 25th January 2014, 14:46

    So LaDave is not a looker. I am just telling myself that this is the nosecone they used for the crash test and didn’t have another one ready for the launch.

  4. I think it’s a shame everybody judges the new cars by their appearance. Indeed, they’re not good looking, but the exciting thing is they all look horrible in their own unique way. Considering the Nose is a huge part of aero performance, we’re likely to see some winners and losers. Any technical change that brings this amount of variety is an interesting one in my book, let alone all the technical innovation you can’t see.

    Coupled to the new engine AND new Energy Recovery System this is a fantastic year for F1 in my opinion. Too bad they kept DRS. We might see a different pecking order, followed by an extremely aggressive development race where everybody steals each others ideas.

    Sure, they’re ugly, who cares how they look. 2009 was an aesthetic disaster and since then we’ve found much more to complain about than their visual appeal. I can’t way for testing to begin, let alone the F1 season, to show which ugly ducking turns out to be a racing swan.

    • Nathan (@il-ferrarista) said on 25th January 2014, 15:10

      Well the MP4-29 is so and so, but the F 14 isn’t directly ugly at all! Can’t really understand people who are so judgmental. These cars are made to be fast and efficient, and not pretty, first and foremost.

  5. Master firelee (@master-firelee) said on 25th January 2014, 14:56

    I’m kind of expecting the Red Bull to have that “bulbous bow nose” design, just because it’s Red Bull.

  6. Nathan (@il-ferrarista) said on 25th January 2014, 15:06

    Well, I think it looks pretty much O.K. We shouldn’t expect so much more.

    And to remind everybody; rock on 2014! Forza Forza Forza Ferrari!

  7. The ugly duckling..maybe a Swan

  8. David not Coulthard (@) said on 25th January 2014, 15:17

    …and Ferrari was kind enough to write the name of the car above the Scuderia Ferrari logo!

  9. Kind of looks like the RB-9’s nose, only melted down to achieve even steeper curve to fit the 2014 regulations.

  10. Honestly… I don’t know.

    The first image I saw (low view from the front, which for some reason their site leads with) is absolutely horrific, but from other angles it doesn’t look quite as bad. Certainly an improvement on McWilotus.

  11. Mackeine Loveine (@cocaine-mackeine) said on 25th January 2014, 15:32

    The ugliest Ferrari I´ve seen in all my years of F1.

  12. Nkoli said on 25th January 2014, 15:48

    Instead of the anteater, I would call this the catfish f14T. It is the ugliest thing so far, can’t wait for Merc and Bulls!

  13. David not Coulthard (@) said on 25th January 2014, 15:50

    And…while I know that some people here asked for more black on that Ferrari I’m pretty sure this year’s colour scheme still won’t impress Jean Alesi’s fans more than last year’s.

  14. Now, that’s truly a nose dive.

  15. Is this really what we were naming? Really? Like really really? We should have had the F14 U, for ugly.

    Now with that said…. Go ferrari! We gonna win this season with this F14 U… I mean T. Woop woop!!

  16. Obi-Spa Kenobi (@obi-spa-kenobi) said on 25th January 2014, 16:01


    Now we know who’s car this really is.

  17. David not Coulthard (@) said on 25th January 2014, 16:12

    ..And as F1 can’t seem to find enough people to like its vroom, Ferrari decided to attract some new fans by bringing a broom to the pinnacle of motor racing.

  18. OppositeLocke (@oppositelocke) said on 25th January 2014, 16:16

    Does anyone else feel that so far both McLaren and Ferrari’s liveries seen to accentuate some of the uglier aspects of their cars? McLaren leaving the beams silver seemed to exaggerate the ‘anteater’ quality of their nose; something demonstrated by a photoshop in which they were colored black. Then Ferrari made the sharp drop in their nose seem more pronounced by having the black in their livery follow the same shaped curve just under the front suspension. Perhaps if the line was more gradual the nose would not appear as steep.

  19. maarten.f1 (@maarten-f1) said on 25th January 2014, 16:17

    It’s not very pretty, but I think it’s great to see that the teams have come up with completely different solutions.

  20. Maybe I’m going insane, but after staring at it for awhile now, I actually don’t mind it anymore….

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