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Ferrari F14 T: First pictures

2014 F1 carsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Ferrari F14 T

The Ferrari F14 T has been revealed for the first time by the team. Ferrari hope to win their first world championship in six years with their 2014 contender.

Ferrari have retained pull-rod suspension front and rear on the car, but the F14 T is otherwise very different from its predecessor, largely due to the changes in the technical rules for 2014.

The name for the new car was chosen by a public vote of over one million Ferrari fans.

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Images ?? Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

220 comments on “Ferrari F14 T: First pictures”

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  1. For a company that’s supposedly is all about luxury, class and style, the reveal video was somewhat cringe-worthy.

    The ugly car didn’t help.

  2. the small sidepods are interesting. does it mean Ferrari have a great cooling system for their v6? does it mean they are packaging too tight and will have race failures? are they risking speed over reliability? or have they got it absolute correct? we will soon find out! with reliability a likely concern for this season, I think this seasons testing times will be really insignificant, unlike the past few years.

  3. I don’t understand how people can call this ugly. look at the 70s f1 Ferraris, now they were ugly, but nostalgia prevents many from saying that. this car looks better to me then last years high nose car, it looks like it is built for speed.

  4. Nose looks like a Elephant’s trunk.

  5. God lord. We’re truly seeing some of the worst looking cars ever.

  6. Im not an expert but is it posible thay made the nose so Low and rounded with those black wings so thay can chanel the air from the top of the nose to the floor?

  7. Here we have the FIAT seacow

    The McLaren’s looking rather pretty now ay lads

  8. Dominic Uliano
    25th January 2014, 18:25

    while I do agree that the nose is a little like an ardvark, the rest of the car is beautiful.

  9. I think this will look pretty decent from behind.

  10. Its got more than a little bit of Luigi Mario Kart DS about it

  11. The Ferrari manages to combine all the ugliness of last year’s stepped noses with the ugliness of the walrus Williams nose and the protuberance of this year’s noses.

    The lotus looks ugly but is at least a new idea. McLaren had the balls to go all out with the schlong concept. Williams and force India went for the obvious.

    This, as many on Twitter have commented, just looks like it melted at the front.

  12. I just realised F14 T= FIAT

  13. The front of the Ferrari FIAT looks like a F14t Multipla

  14. An Italian car with a Roman nose.

    Seriously, it looks like my snow shovel, the one with the drooping back-saver handle.

  15. By the way, I’ve been thinking about the nose of the Lotus and I think it’s a fake. The two noses look cylindrical, which would not benefit aero at all. I think they just wanted to make a buzz.

  16. Oh my God…It is a blunderbus.

  17. ferraris new wind tunnel gave them that as the answer???

  18. First caption competition 2014 with that photo of KR, ALO and FI4T. KR: “This sucks, I don’t know what else to say about this car. ALO:” come on Kimi don’t be so pessimistic, at least we get to drive FI4T”. KR:” mate, it still sucks, way too much downforce”

    1. RAI:”…my F14T Punto rally car was cooler…”

  19. Keith with the exclusive – again!

    FOM might not be great when it comes to working with new media, but it is nice to see that the teams are paying attention and trying to capitalise on the popular outlets.

  20. We have the MP-Male, the EFemale and the F-Vaccum Cleaner. Mercedes, give us a rhyno.

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