7 comments on “Ferrari F14 T, three quarter”

  1. My God…
    Waiting for the F14 T-B

  2. Quack quack

  3. I must say, I was surprised Ferrari didn’t go for the ‘anteater’ noses. Although their front wing itself isn’t a beauty, if it wins the drivers the championship, I will be quiet once and for all.

  4. Sponsored by Dyson

  5. It looks like Kim Kardashian sat on the nose of it by accident and they didn’t have enough time to fix it before the launch. Very possibly the worst of the new bunch, looks wise at least. Makes the odd tusked Lotus look ok

  6. David Burrell
    27th January 2014, 17:15

    It looks like a bottom feeding cat fish

  7. Nose looks like an elephant trump…

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