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‘Some races will be flat out’ – Fry

2014 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Ferrari director of engineering Pat Fry says the new restrictions on fuel use in Formula One won’t mean drivers have to back off to save fuel at every race.

“Race strategy-wise there will be some races where we run flat-out with no restrictions, such as Monaco,” Fry explained, “there’ll be others where there’ll be a reasonably significant amount of fuel saving to be had.”

Ferrari F14 T,sideFry pointed out the teams have a great degree of flexibility when it comes to adjusting their car’s fuel saving and performance.

“I suppose we go to Melbourne, we’ve got either the best or the worst of both worlds. It’s a high fuel consumption circuit and I’m sure we’ve got to get use to learning the strategies: the basic strategies for saving fuel, also strategically where do you want to go quick, where do you want to go slow? Because you can change the pace of your car by plus or minus one second depending on what fuel or energy you want to use on any particular lap.”

“So studying a race and trying to predict what the other people are doing becomes a step more complicated than it has been, certainly in the recent past.

Fry described the scope of change to the rules as being even greater than when turbocharged engines were last banned at the end of 1988.

“I’ve been around long enough that I did see the end of the turbo era and moving into normally aspirated engines. Although that was a reasonable change it was nothing compared to the power unit regulation changes that we have for this year.

“I think certainly on the power unit it’s the biggest change we’ve ever had certainly in recent history, or my recent history. The aero rules, yes they’re a reasonable change, but it’s not as dramatic I would say. You combine the two, there’s lots of interest and exciting challenges for all of us there, both on the chassis side, the aero side, there’s challenges on getting the car to the weight limit as well as optimising the power unit.”

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