Alonso says V10 era was F1’s best

2014 F1 season

Fernando Alonso, Renault, 2005Fernando Alonso says he enjoyed Formula One the most during the era of V10 engines.

The Ferrari driver, who is about to experience the second change in engine formula of his F1 career, said the lighter and more powerful cars of that time were the most interesting to drive.

“The truth is that all eras are different and all remain unique in their own time,” said Alonso in a question and answer session with Ferrari fans.

“Personally I have only experienced three: the V10 era when I started my career up until 2005, then on from 2006 until 2010 with the V8s, still with good levels of car performance, and lastly the era from 2010 up until now with the introduction of Pirelli tyres that have changed a little the style of driving.

“In any case, of the three I’d choose the first when we had very fast and light cars, often weighing 150 to 200 kilos less than the current ones, with nearly 1000 horsepower, so definitely those years were the ones that gave me the most excitement.”

Alonso won the final championship in which V10 engines were permitted in 2005.

“Looking back to the past it becomes difficult to choose an era,” he continued. “In the nineties the cars looked good aesthetically, but I wouldn’t know how they were to drive.”

“However, if we imagine the future, say in 2030 or 2040, the cars will look even more spectacular so for this reason it is hard to choose.”

“The V10 era remains the more interesting for me,” Alonso concluded.

2014 F1 season

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62 comments on Alonso says V10 era was F1’s best

  1. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 26th January 2014, 20:41

    What I thought was particularly interesting about Alonso’s comments was how he separated the V8 era into pre- and post-Pirelli. I think that says something about how the current tyres have affected his enjoyment of driving.

  2. Mackeine Loveine (@cocaine-mackeine) said on 26th January 2014, 21:13

    Before the 2013 Canadian Grand Prix, Alonso was interviewed by the Latin American broadcast. In the interview he was asked about his favorite era of his career. He expressed the same things said here.
    And I can´t agree more
    I´ve heard the V8 engine in real life from less than 10 meters of me. I had goosebumps very time I heard in TV the sound of the cars starting the race. For me the V8 era was incredible, but I think that V10 was way long better, it was glorious.
    The cars were very difficult to drive, and were way faster than the V8s. They actually fight for position, and DRS wasn´t needed to overtake in a straight, and rubber lasted long enough to overtake so many drivers.
    When I saw the 2004 Monaco Qualifying the drivers were so fast and very accurate in the corners that I thought ” You have to an alien to drive one of these in Monaco” Today I don´t get that feeling so much.
    In Canada 2004 Barrichello overtook Raikkonen in the back straight; WITHOUT DRS.
    When I hear the roar of the V10 in a video, it brings me back so many good memories and I hope that one day I can hear that engine in front of me, that would be a dream.
    The V10 era was better because there was no artificial racing, it was pure driver skill. Destroy DRS and ditch no-lasting tyres and I would change my opinion.

  3. As far as engines are concerned the best year was 1994 and let me remind you why. It was the last year of the 3.5lt engines, we had the most engine suppliers (Renault, honda, Mercedes, Ferrari, Peugeot, Ilmor, Hart, Yamaha, and Ford in 2 versions the benetton one and the customer). Obviously Honda was in demise, Mercedes had just entered and Peugeot only participated because WSC was scarpped, but the 3 top ones Renault, Ferrari and Ford gave incredible battles with each other while having notable strengths and weaknesses.
    The v10 Renault was the best all rounder and the most reliable, Ferrari V12 was the most powerful leaving up to hype of the V12s but the most unreliable and thirsty and the Ford had possibly the better torque curve and used the least fuel.
    Leaving aside the TC saga of the Benetton and the tragic events of that year it was hugely exciting to see the 3 different approaches having so intense competition, but through their inherent differencies and not because FIA dictated that the engines should be identical.
    I chose in particular ’94 because in 92, 93 Renault was in their one league plus all the electronic aids, as was Honda ’89-91. From ’96 the V12 was gone sadly. A close second in my opinion was 2003. BMW and Ferrari had the power (Ferrari had the reliability too) Mercedes and Renault the driveability and also there was Honda, Toyota and Cosworth.

  4. fanis said on 27th January 2014, 23:05

    alonso is correct 100%. f1 means challenge. 2004 reason was best reason, boring but best in facts.

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