Caterham CT05, Jerez, 2014

Caterham CT05: First pictures

2014 F1 carsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Caterham CT05, Jerez, 2014

The Caterham CT05 has been revealed. Check out the first pictures of the new car.

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115 comments on “Caterham CT05: First pictures”

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  1. I’m sorry , is this a joke ? Oh My God !

    1. Looks like the monster from the movie Alien, you know when it opens its mouth and something is coming out…

      Worst design until now. I really prefer the Mercedes and Ferrari way, instead of all those sausages hanging out!

    2. Besides the aesthetics this cars how bad the designing and composites departments are in caterham, Fernandes may be done with not scoring but that’s their spot in short the car looks boxy plaid it hasn’t got any type of vanity panel its has bear as Scarbs sketch of a bear nose would look like. I haven’t seen the Marussia but this year caterham hasnt got kers to overtake them do better pray that if their performances dont change they at least have a better powertrain. I don’t know who will win in 2014 but caterham is last for me.

      1. The people in charge need to wake up… this has gone too far.

    3. I’m certainly offended.

    4. Oh my if only AyRton was alive to see this


    1. Well, now that I am psychologically able to see that thing, it looks horrendous. But technically perhaps it’s not that bad, in terms of getting as much air underneath the car as possible.

      1. Everyone always talks about forcing air under the car, and I can see how this front end could do just that. Just looking at it, wouldn’t having that big square in the open cause some drag issues ? Its times like this where I wish I was an aerodynamics expert. I shouldn’t really be wiping out a cars chances at this stage, but overall it does look very blocky, and the side pods look huge..

        1. They mentioned being more conservative with packaging towards the back to be able to be one of the last few standing if everyone more ambitious there drops out during the first couple of races this season @f190

          1. Thanks @bascb

            That makes a lot of sense actually, I hope it pays off for them.

  3. Meh.

  4. The car is not pretty at all. Strange design.

    1. If on top of its awful look it performs poorly, then Fernandes has another reason to leave the sport…

  5. Reminds me of the Jordan 191… if it had been sponsored by Ann Summers

  6. Yuck.

  7. Wow. This has to be the worst looking of the lot.

    Mind you, some of the design choices may have good (and potentially successful) purpose but WOW!

    Well at least so far the cars are sounding good IMHO.

  8. Would a potential sponser want their name on that?

    1. Right now I’d much rather have my name on a wonky looking Caterham that runs, than the Maclaren or Lotus that are not even running currently.

    2. Durex probably..

    3. maybe?

    4. The Fleshlight might want it on there…

  9. Ugliest car of 2014? I think we have a winner…

    1. Yep. My first thought was “FUGLY!”

      My second thought brought me back to the fact that it doesn’t matter what it looks like, it matters how it performs. If it runs well on track, it is a beautiful car :)

  10. marijn willems
    28th January 2014, 14:21

    My god, this looks like some old F3000 car, yes F3000, not even GP2 (because they look beter)! The monocoque area looks so bulky and un-aerodynamically :-/ *bleh*

  11. Gunna say it…….

    I like it! Totally differently. Nowhere near as ghastly as the other phallic noses. This just looks like something out of Carmageddon!

    I also applaud them for going for something a little radical. I hope it works out for them.

    1. Wierdly, I agree, I think it should be called “The Turtle”.

      There is somthing which I actually quite like about it. It looks quite utilitarian. Maybe it is the green, but it is like the military designed it….

    2. I agree too, maybe because it’s so ugly, it makes it stands apart from the rest.

  12. *different

    1. Hmm they are sponsored by airbus, maybe they took inspiration fromthis

  13. The weird front section appears as if there is a face with a long nose and wearing sunglasses and looking down on the road, with a really large mustache.

    1. @hzh00 hahahaha impossible to not see it ! you just hit the jackpot !

    2. It took me a while, but now it’s impossible to ‘unsee’ it :D

  14. That looks like no thought went into it at all. It looks like they were building it out of lego and couldn’t find the right piece so just used any old bit

  15. My loooooooooord!

  16. Hideous. On the other hand, is this the first design we’ve seen which attaches the front wing to the finger rather than the wider nose. I’m bit surprised because I would have thought there would be too much flex or pivot in the wing with the supports being so central.

    1. I wonder how many cars will look much different in March.

    2. That’s because the upper nose is a vanity panel, it’s not a structural element. It’s too weak to attach it to the front wing, so they were forced to attach the wing to the lower nose. I think Caterham is the only team with this design (thankfully!).

  17. In a weird way i kinda like it, at least I like the fact the nose doesn’t go past the front wing anyway, but it is something else.

  18. Now we have a penis racing car

  19. I know this is not really the case… But looking at this I get the feeling they put zero thought into the whole front end… It’s a no-effort “How-little bodywork do we actually need?”-job. Not even a vanity panel to mask the stepped chassis. And that must create lift instead of downforce.

    I could live with the penis-noses… But this is just a bloody horror movie.

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