Caterham CT05, Jerez, 2014

Caterham CT05: First pictures

2014 F1 carsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Caterham CT05, Jerez, 2014

The Caterham CT05 has been revealed. Check out the first pictures of the new car.

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115 comments on “Caterham CT05: First pictures”

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  1. I don’t know why but I think this looks like one of the better noses. probably because the front wing is held up by the tip itself.
    The colour scheme is not busy. The green and black work really well together tough I would probably have made all of the front wing black except the outside of the end plates. Would make it looks like a nice 90s car.

    Marcus is said to have paid 11 million for his seat. I see no sponsors of that.

    1. Marcus said in an interview, that for the first time in his life he is now getting paid to drive a racecar.

    2. @verstappengp – The launch of the car was delayed by several hours because of a technical glitch. With all the new regulations, sticking sponsor decals on the car was probably a pretty low priority.

  2. I sure hope the bodywork is just a temporary ad-hoc solution… X-(

  3. This is what slow looks like. I’d love to eat my own words, but I think this is the car that firmly puts Caterham at the back and out of F1.

    As people have said, and ignoring the front, the car just looks budget. I generally find that if a car looks slow, it usually is.

  4. Hey @magnificentgeoffrey, you may want to consider changing your livery. This is going to be a hard team to root for this year despite Kobayashi in the car.

  5. I see they still insist on using a colour that is unflattering at best.

    Interesting approach to the nose, but the lip does the aesthetics no favours. If the tongue is too flimsy, it could be a problem in the event of an accident, but if it is too thick, then it’s going to interrupt airflow under the car.

  6. Stephen Higgins
    28th January 2014, 20:09

    And now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to be sick.

  7. Haha, that is amazing.

  8. This Caterham CT05 looks more like the CT01, the big square thing, I also noticed the side panels are made up of lots of small panels on both sides. Not sure this is finished yet.

  9. I dont understand why you guys hate this so much ive always thought F1 cars are more function than form and this caterham arrival makes sense to me seems like they took a reading of the rules went as far outside the box as possible and went with it the other teams all went the same route cheers to caterham for going outside the stupid box f1 regs put these guys in

  10. Check out pictures of the CT05.

    Then, immediately wish you hadn’t.

    That can’t possibly be clean aerodynamically, no matter how much air is being funneled under!

  11. This nose is very interesting! :)

  12. No wonder they have an all new driver line up. What self respecting veteran racer would let himself be seen in that monstrosity! I will give them credit for being different though.

  13. Mark McDonald
    29th January 2014, 1:54

    Seriously, what is that?

  14. Looks like they just stuck a long sausage on the front of the old nose.

  15. Alex McFarlane
    29th January 2014, 11:31

    This is one of the ugliest noses of all time, I had to google the ugliest F1 cars ever to find an equal.
    I think I see a way out of this.. the Dallara DW12 looks great at the front and not so great at the back. The 2014 F1 cars look great at the back and hideous at the front.. any photoshoppers care to weave a hybrid of the two?

  16. Ugh,ugh!Take it away,it stings my eyes.
    What was that?It was ugly,it had a box front with sausages coming out…

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