16 comments on “Caterham CT05, Jerez, 2014”

  1. Whats with those side pods. We’ve come to expect tight and tighter packages as the years have gone on, with airflow around the pod and into the back end, whats been described as a coke bottle.
    Here though its almost block like, reminding me strongly of a car from the early 90’s.

  2. Nice to finally see the car, the front is not a pretty sight but I guess it’s made that way to fit the new regulations, however the rest of the car is stunning incuding the colour.
    Best wishes to Marcus and Kamui and the rest of the Caterham team from Marcus hometown, Kumla/Sweden.

  3. C’mon guys, you gotta give them credit for trying. You’d expect a team with their budget to have the most average looking car. It may be ugly, but it’s radical and that’s what F1 should be about.

  4. As a Marussia fan, and as someone who admires aesthetic beauty I feel crazy saying this but I actually kind of like the car.. sort of… I kind of like the upper part of the nose, I just wish the ‘impact structure’ wasn’t round though.. Seeing as it bears a resemblance to something.

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