Force India VJM07: More pictures revealed

2014 F1 cars

Force India VJM07, Jerez, 2014

More pictures of Force India’s VJM07 which has previously only been seen as a rendering.

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2014 F1 cars

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37 comments on Force India VJM07: More pictures revealed

  1. ching ho (@chingh) said on 28th January 2014, 7:49

    The nose looks similar to that of the Sauber. Somewhat phallic.

  2. Milansson (@milansson) said on 28th January 2014, 7:51

    we´ve been cheated on by Force India with the first pic they released a week ago.. this nose looks completely different..

  3. Rooney (@rojov123) said on 28th January 2014, 7:55

    Being black do add a few inches, I suppose.

  4. GeeMac (@geemac) said on 28th January 2014, 7:59

    ‘kin ‘ell!

    Again, ignoring the nose (difficult as that is!) it isn’t a bad looking car, nice packing round the sidepods and the coke bottle zone.

  5. cafeaulait said on 28th January 2014, 8:31

    Holy mother of God!!! I guess F1 shouldn’ t be allowed on TV before midnight…and marked 18+ for sure!)))

  6. Lewis McMurray (@celicadion23) said on 28th January 2014, 8:40

    Minus the nose that’s a stunning car, loving the new livery. And painting the nose black does help disguise it

  7. ilham (@mugiwarapirates) said on 28th January 2014, 8:43

    imo the livery looks strange..

  8. Eddie (@wackyracer) said on 28th January 2014, 8:46

    I knew someone will come with a BBC

  9. Henrik said on 28th January 2014, 9:08

    The only good thing about this is we’re now certain about the gender of the cars. Vettel will now have to name his car appropriately, something like ‘Gigantic George’.

  10. jh1806 (@jh1806) said on 28th January 2014, 9:40

    That final front-on view – where the nose disappears – it looks superb.

  11. Sharon H (@sharoncom) said on 28th January 2014, 9:41

    There’s some interesting stuff going on with the intricacy of the front wing and the shaping of the sidepods. There’s no getting past the nose, which is ‘magnificent’. I’m wondering if it would help the look of it if they painted the nose pillars black.

  12. Chris (@tophercheese21) said on 28th January 2014, 9:43

    If they can find a more… flattering nose over the course of the season, then this will be one of the better lookers.

    But right now it’s too… you get it.

  13. accidental mick (@accidental-mick) said on 28th January 2014, 10:11

    It is always difficult to tell from photos exactly where the nose cone and front wing assembly attaches to the tub but these look like it is going to be more difficult change.

  14. Fer no.65 (@fer-no65) said on 28th January 2014, 11:23

    Livery looks ridiculous. On the render I thought it looked fine, but seeing this now, it’s like when you use Windows Paint and you use the little bucket and suddenly all the drawing is in 1 colour.

  15. Michael Brown (@) said on 28th January 2014, 11:40

    Nose would look fine if they cut off the black tip.

  16. Fixy (@fixy) said on 28th January 2014, 14:16

    When I’ll be an F1 designer (hoping the rules don’t allow such monstruosities any longer) I’ll never make such a piece of **** of a design just to make it fast. What can a tip of the nose matter! I’d rather finish last than be equally responsible for the ruin of F1’s aesthetics. This won’t get me very far, but – though it was the FIA’s responsibility – if everyone had avoided the “anteater” noses (to be kind) none of them would have a different advantage. One team might have been forced to adopt it not to lose performance to another rival, but if all had agreed not to use them…
    I’m considering boycotting F1 this year, let’s see if testing can resurrect my love for the sport.

  17. Maciek (@maciek) said on 28th January 2014, 14:25

    New livery’s nice, but the car looks pretty conservative compared to the other designs and the paint job gives off the impression they’ve treated the nose as an afterthought rather than an integral part of the design.

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