Red Bull RB10: First pictures

2014 F1 cars

Red Bull RB10, Jerez, 2014

The Red Bull RB10 has a lot to live up to – its four predecessors were all world champions. Here are the first pictures of the new car.

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78 comments on Red Bull RB10: First pictures

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  1. Hm, looks more interesting, than Mercedes, especially the black nose tip.

  2. Calum (@calum) said on 28th January 2014, 7:38

    This is awesome – so exciting getting multiple car launches in a day!

    Definitely my favourite part of the F1 year! :D

  3. Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 28th January 2014, 7:41

    Colour me underwhelmed – it looks quite lazy. Maybe it’s just a byproduct of the distance between camera and car, but it just looks like an RB9 with a 2014 nose.

    • Nick (@nick-uk) said on 28th January 2014, 18:27

      More than anything its the livery that I can’t stand. It’s always been aweful. It’s far too crowded. I think Red Bull could do with a major overhaul of its car livery style. With Webber leaving it could have been a good time to make another change. I dunno, I just hate all the lines and writing everywhere.

  4. Let’s see if Vettel gives this one a woman’s name..

  5. Mike Dee (@mike-dee) said on 28th January 2014, 7:44

    The nose tip looks counterintuitive being so wide with a large frontal area. Reminds me of the bulbous extension at the front of large cargo ships that saves a lot of fuel. So maybe Newey didn’t take inspiration from America’s Cup but from much larger ships.

  6. I like what I’m seeing, however the eternal argument that a beautiful car is a fast one will inevitably arise. The aesthetics are there and not long until we find out if the speed backs it up!

  7. Ean (@ean) said on 28th January 2014, 7:52

    Same as Torro Rosso

  8. JCost (@jcost) said on 28th January 2014, 7:53

    Keith you need at least 300mm of zoom :)

  9. sars (@sars) said on 28th January 2014, 7:54

    Is it me or does Ricciardo look like a plastic action man figure?

    Looking at the Red Bull site the nose job looks pretty good

  10. The bull gets a snake head!
    The nose is rather confusing. Not sure if it is painting gimmick or the nose itself is structured in such a manner.

  11. dennis (@dennis) said on 28th January 2014, 8:20

    Where will the mandatory cameras go?

  12. t3x (@t3x) said on 28th January 2014, 8:38

    Is this nose legal? seems like the surface area of the tip of the nose is tiny.

  13. MazdaChris (@mazdachris) said on 28th January 2014, 8:42

    Engineers up and down the paddock will be breathing a sigh of relief that the RB10 is pretty much following the same design principles as everyone else’s. They can rest assured they probably got it right…

    • Mike Dee (@mike-dee) said on 28th January 2014, 9:35

      @mazdachris I’m not sure I agree. The nose tip seems quite different from other cars: it is vertical and not sloping like the other anteater designs.

      • MazdaChris (@mazdachris) said on 28th January 2014, 10:02

        The concept is basically the same though. It’s just there to fulfill the mandatory nose regs, while keeping its aero profile to a minimum. Unless they’re using it to generate vortices, or there’s something more complex going on below the front of the chassis, I think there’s nothing to suggest that RBR’s design is a fundamentally different approach to that taken by the others (Except Ferrari and Mercedes)

      • TMF (@tmf42) said on 28th January 2014, 10:11

        @mike-dee agree, it looks rather unique. It reminds me of a bulbous bow used on ships.

  14. The Blade Runner (@thebladerunner) said on 28th January 2014, 8:49

    Not bad at all looks wise. I wonder how Ferrari and Mercedes feel now they know that Newey has gone down the “proboscis” route.

  15. Alskie said on 28th January 2014, 8:49

    So far i like this design the best. Not so much of a penis nose, more like a wedge. Plus the livery distracts from it.

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