Red Bull RB10, Jerez, 2014

Red Bull RB10: First pictures

2014 F1 carsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Red Bull RB10, Jerez, 2014

The Red Bull RB10 has a lot to live up to – its four predecessors were all world champions. Here are the first pictures of the new car.

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  1. there seems to be a lot of missing details on the RB10… Cameras/monkey seat wing etc… The back end is tiny, (so is the W05 very tight packaging on both) I wouldn’t be surprised if the track going RB10 is quite different to this…

    1. Also there seems to be another iteration of the letterbox slot ( visible just above the Total decal on the front corner shot)

  2. In a tribute to Vettel Red Bull have incorporated is famous finger into the car design!

  3. At first glance it looks quite conservative by Newey’s standards – though there’s something going on under that nose – in the head-on shot the area’s greyed out.

  4. Based on all the pictures so far, my order (opinion) of beauty is as follows.
    Mercedes is the best looking with Ferrari just behind, after that, I think Mclaren have done a good job with the bulbous nose concept. The Force India and the Red Bull have done well trying to hide/ minimize the protrusion. I am withholding judgement on the Lotus until I see more of it. But I do think Lotus have done a great job of interpreting/ pushing the rules vs most of the others. All the other cars not mentioned are basically ugly. I really hope the Ferrari and Mercedes design ends up being fast. That way, most everyone will improve the looks of their cars as the season progresses. I don’t get why the FIA can not write the regs to prevent this kind of crappy looking noses. I mean they had YEARS to know this was coming right?? Oh well, I am still totally siked that the season is under way!

  5. OK, I’m dubbing this one “The Redbull Pelican”. From the front, it looks like a pelican’s bill full of fish LOL

  6. What if the tip were tip to break off during the race and somehow improve performance? would it be dq’d for failing to comply to rules? Whats if ‘its been designed to break off easily and classified as crash structure, crumple zone area?

  7. Has anyone else noticed that the red bull is the only car without camera mounts on it?

  8. I just read that Newey said he was not fan of the low nose profiles. He said it could be fare more dangerous if a driver had to dive under the rear of another… Quite the worst scenario I agree with him!

    1. … In the meantime, the cars have had low nose profiles for decades …

      1. nose, but not chassis.

  9. @mads
    defiantly different, i knew rb10 would be different to the str9

    i do like the look

  10. I think by keeping the bulbous part forward of the wing mounts, there is less aero detriment. also, the 3/4 front view shows good flow thru the nose in the turns, so should perform good. Whereas the Ferrari must loss a lot in the turns. I think the bulbous nose could help by dumping the down force on the straights by stalling the floor, but allowing clean air around the sides in the turns.

  11. Where are the cameras??? I think they forgot to attach them

  12. Everybody is taking about the nose. However nobody noticed the the weird attachment under the rear wing.

    I am pretty sure it is some sort of DDRS system that stalls the rear wing at a certain speed. It looks like a thick pipe coming from underneath the engine cover.

    There is definitely something to it.

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