Williams FW36, Jerez, 2014

Williams FW36 runs for the first time at Jerez

2014 F1 cars

Williams FW36, Jerez, 2014

Williams’ latest F1 car, the FW36, has run for the first time at Jerez.

Here’s the car seen in public for the first time using the team’s heritage livery.

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2014 F1 cars

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16 comments on “Williams FW36 runs for the first time at Jerez”

  1. @bullfrog – thanks for the video! The turbo is sounding amazing. The dark blue I think is great and the car is looking much much better than on the renders :) The shape makes sense aerodynamically – as opposed to the caterham..

  2. Even without using the full power (video by bullfrog) , i can see that these cars will be faaaaaaaast, , there will be so much torque on tap coming out of those corners it should be quite a handful under race/quali conditions, Awesome power plants, I just wish all the trickery crap (ers drs ) was gone and it was a straight turbo motor , fat slicks and a little bit of downforce, but it is what it is and I cant wait to see these cars fired out of corners in anger.

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