Valtteri Bottas, Williams, Jerez, 2014

Bottas says new cars are more fun to drive

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Valtteri Bottas, Williams, Jerez, 2014The new Formula One regulations have produced cars which are more enjoyable to drive, according to Valtteri Bottas.

The Williams driver said the power delivery of the new engines made for a more rewarding style of driving.

“It’s a little bit more difficult, yeah,” he said after two days of testing in the FW36. “It is, definitely, with the torque, it’s just the power comes a little bit differently and you need a sensitive right foot for slippery conditions.”

“I really enjoy driving this car,” he added, “I really think it’s good fun and the power feels nice so no complaints in that.”

Bottas added the change to brake-by-wire suited his style of driving: “Obviously you’re harvesting more from the rear axle but at least with the Mercedes power unit it’s done very well, there’s been no problems with the braking.”

“The brake-by-wire pedal feel is a little bit different, quite a bit stiffer, which I like.

“We had a little braking system failure today which we managed to fix, it was not a big problem, just a small thing, and we know in the future how to operate it, so we learned that.”

Williams have switched to Mercedes engines having used Renault power last year. But although their former engine supplier has endured a troubled start to testing, Bottas said it was too early to judge who will have the upper hand when the season proper begins.

“I’ve nothing bad to say from Renault last year. We had the world championship engine so the co-operation with them was very good.”

“It’s too early to say [whether the change was for the better]. So far we’ve been very good with Mercedes, solving the problems very well and we need to keep continuing like this but I think we still need to wait a little bit and see the first races.”

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