Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Jerez, 2014

‘If you drive like last year you won’t finish’ – Vettel

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Jerez, 2014Sebastian Vettel says drivers will have to be more conservative at the wheel of the new generation of cars.

“There?s a lot of things that potentially will change,” said Vettel after the launch of the Red Bull RB10.

“How big the changes will be, we can?t say at this stage. Whether it favours myself or another driver in particular, just because of the way they drive, it?s very tricky to know at this stage.”

With drivers limited to 100kg of fuel per race, fuel conservation is expected to play a greater role, especially at tracks where consumption is high.

“For sure, there will be new elements of driving skill, different skills that you?ll have to get on top of and adapt,” said Vettel. “If you drive it the same you drove it last year in the race, for example, you won?t see the chequered flag.”

Red Bull had a slow start to the first day of testing. Vettel completed just three laps after the team made a “mistake” while preparing the car on Monday.

“Obviously, previously with the new cars that we?ve launched here in Jerez, in the end, it was just the same toys under the cover, just probably laid out differently or way or set up in a different way,” Vettel explained.

“Whereas this year, there are a lot of new things. As you can see, there?s very little running so far. So everyone is struggling. It?s a massive challenge to get all your parts lined up ready to roll out of the garage first of all.”

2014 F1 season

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