Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Jerez, 2014

Ricciardo aims to become a fixture at the front

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Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Jerez, 2014Daniel Ricciardo says his aim on joining Red Bull is to establish himself as a front-running driver.

“I haven?t set any expectations in terms of where I?d like to finish,” said Ricciardo after the launch of the Red Bull RB10. “Obviously, if someone said ??if you were to become world champion, would you be happy?? of course I?d be happy.”

“I think for me, I?d love to get a win. To step onto the top step, that would be amazing. But just to go through the year continuing to learn and try and match Sebastian [Vettel], at least at some point, and to really set myself up at the front of the grid and not to be a one-hit wonder.”

Ricciardo added he was pleased to get the chance to compare himself to Vettel with the same equipment:

“I don?t expect to be treated like God. I?m not the world champion, but at the same time I?ve been reassured that I?m going to get the equal side.

“But I?ve got to earn my place into the team as well. It?s nice to know we?re going to have equal stuff, but hopefully after some time ?ǣ hopefully not too long a time ?ǣ I can let the team know that I?m capable of getting some top results as well.”

Mark Webber, whose place Ricciardo has taken at Red Bull, gave his fellow Australian some advice after joining the team.

“Mark and I spoke on the phone for a bit and he was really nice about it, as he?s always been,” said Ricciardo.

“His main advice was pretty much ‘don?t get overwhelmed by it all ?ǣ just focus on the main thing’, which is driving. I’ve been doing well ?ǣ I earned the position here.”

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