Felipe Massa, Williams, Jerez, 2014

“Definitely a big change” with new cars – Massa

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Felipe Massa, Williams, Jerez, 2014Felipe Massa stressed the differences in driving the new cars after his first day of running for Williams in Spain.

“It’s a big change, definitely,” said Massa after his first run in the FW36 at Jerez.

“It’s not just the engine, it’s the rules. The car has a lot less downforce and this makes for driveability different.

“The engine is different, the torque is different, the torque map is different. Everything is different.”

Massa expects drivers will have to change their approach to get the most out of the new cars:

“You need to understand how to drive. Sometimes you just go sideways and sometimes you do a short-shift and you gain lap time. So the understanding about driving the car is very important. But I think it was a good feeling for the first time as well.”

“Last year we had a lot more downforce in the car that you are able to drive a lot more aggressive than now,” he added. “Now you need to be a little bit more careful.”

“For sure when you put the new tyres and I have the grip, you feel the grip, you need to push as much you can to use the maximum grip. But the way you’re driving is a little bit different.”

Another change for Massa this year is a new team following his switch to Williams. “It’s a lot to understand,” he said about adjusting to his new environment, “but also there is some things that we need to change as well”.

“I think it’s important to take all the good things from another team and there are good things from this team and try to mix.”

However he stressed he was pleased with his choice of team: “They are very professional, they know what to do, and they have so many new faces in the team. Good people, I’m happy for that.”

“I think Williams is a team that invests to get some new people to change the situation that they had last year which was one of the worst years for Williams. And I’m happy I choose is a team that get a lot of new people and a lot of good investment for now and for the future. Not a team that lost many people.”

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