Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Jerez, 2014

No less emotion driving slower cars – Alonso

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Jerez, 2014Fernando Alonso says the pleasure of driving Formula One cars hasn’t been diminished by the cut in performance this year.

Kevin Magnussen’s quickest lap time of the test so far is almost five-and-a-half seconds off the best time seen at last year’s test.

Alonso remarked that today’s cars are ten seconds off the pace of those he drove earlier in his Formula One career.

“The cars are slower, nothing more than that I think,” he said, pointing out he lapped Jerez in 1’16 with the V10-engined cars in 2004 and 2005. “I ran today 1’26 so I was ten seconds slower than ten years ago.”

Alonso said the demands of driving Formula One cars have changed: “When you go ten seconds slower it’s not the same in physical point of view as well. These cars are a lot easier than what Formula One has been. There are less G-forces, less speed into the corner.

“But on the other hand there are more parameters to control, there are more buttons on the steering wheel, more criticality in terms of driving or in terms of having control of the car in high speed corners and also in traction. So just different.”

However he doesn’t feel any less enjoyment at the wheel: “If I feel less or more emotion driving these cars I feel the same.”

“Because when I drive go-karts I am 20 seconds slower or half a minute slower than Formula One and I sweat so much and I enjoy so much and I have the same emotion.

“As far as you drive at the limit, the timed lap you do or how quick or slow you are in a timed lap I think it doesn’t change the emotional point of view or the nice feeling driving.”

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