Daniel Ricciardo, Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Jerez, 2014

Caption Competition 44: Vettel and Ricciardo

Caption CompetitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Daniel Ricciardo, Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Jerez, 2014

It’s been a trying week for Red Bull’s new driver line-up of Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo, who covered just 21 laps between them in the first test at Jerez.

What are the pair talking about in this photograph? Post your funniest caption suggestion for this picture below.

A selection of the best will be chosen for a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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150 comments on “Caption Competition 44: Vettel and Ricciardo”

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  1. “I’m telling you Seb, the whole issue with the car is just hot-air”.

  2. “I’m telling you Seb, the whole issue with the car is just a load of hot-air”.

    *pressed post comment to early, doh.

  3. Hay just saying give me your car this year an you drive my broken one

  4. DR: “The way this has gone so far, I think I can run carrying couple of these new Pirellis and still can complete a lap of the circuit!”

  5. So when people were telling me the noses of the cars were going to look like gentleman’s sausages I was expecting something at least this size! Thats average right seb?

  6. I’m finding everything’s packaged too tightly, did Adrian design the underwear too?

  7. :DR : Just stretch your lips slowly like thiiiis and flash that smile . Then most of the reporters stop asking the stupid questions .
    Vettel : So , you think it’s the teeth uh ?

  8. “OK, Seb, I’ll push your car for a few laps… That’s written in my contract…”

  9. “Helmut felt he should win, but Dietrich got him by an inch. Of course Christian didn’t even bother to show up…”.

  10. So Kimi and I are standing there with our feet parted, and that’s when cold-hand Helmut goes “Daniel, you got the job. The Red Bull junior program wins again..”

  11. RIC: “I’m Aussie too, but mine a bigger than Mark’s”

  12. Spare Time Mind Games ………” then i slowly close my eyes and imagine juggling all the trophies im going to win ” !

  13. Dan: “This is how far we are behind Caterham”

    Seb: “You realise what RB10 stands for? Red Bull baRBie 10”

    Dan: “You mean Red Bull aRe Beaten by 10”

    Seb: “But Lotus didn’t even show up”

    Dan: “Exactly” (giggles, realising Vettel’s run of titles could genuinely end this year despite Bernie’s best attempts with the double points rules)

    1. Seb: “Caption Competition 44, are you kidding me? Even F1 Fanatic is trying to help Lewis”

      Dan: “No, F1 Fanatic’s British and Hannah’s made a kid which looks a bit like you”

  14. SV: I thought our reliability will be better since bad luck Webber was retired. damn you Australians!
    DR: Seb pls, nothing to do with nationality. Our cars just didn’t as ‘manly’ as the other, that’s why. Look at those Force Indias, it was this loong!

  15. DR: no, no “down under” doesn’t mean we aussies need more downforce..

  16. DR: I’ve found this chunk of ego, is it yours?

    1. Hahah, good one!

      How about this –
      DR: So I’ve made model of your #1 finger which is this big, and which I am going to insert sideways if you pull any multi 21 tricks on me.

  17. If you ignore Multi 21 with me as your partner. Then I’ll take your ……. and squeeze them so hard you’ll not want to wear a seat belt.

  18. DR : “I don’t know how you’ll name your car this year Seb! All they seem to be lacking are a pair of these”

  19. DR: I was smiling this wide before I drove the RB10.

  20. “Surely mate, if they can package millions of energy drinks every year – they must be able to package an Energy Recovery System as well?”

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