Bernie Ecclestone, 2011

Ecclestone slams Jerez test ‘farce’

F1 Fanatic Round-upPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Bernie Ecclestone, 2011In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone brands the opening pre-season test as a ‘total farce’ after a number of teams suffered severe mechanical difficulties.


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New F1 rules have created a total farce, says Ecclestone (Adam Cooper)

“The whole thing with the new engines is totally absurd. People want noise ?ǣ something special, that?s what F1 is all about ?ǣ and now we have quiet engines and nobody on the track.”

Lotus and Marussia complete 2014 Formula 1 entry process (Autosport)

“Lotus and Marussia have both paid the necessary entry fees for the 2014 Formula 1 season. Both teams’ places were described as “subject to confirmation” when the FIA released its official entry list last earlier this month.”

Five things we learned from F1 pre-season testing in Jerez (Telegraph)

“What a difference a week makes. If I was a betting man, I would not have put any money on Red Bull being the team which would struggle the most in the first test in Jerez.”

Daniel Ricciardo in best position ahead of Australian GP, says Niki Lauda (AdelaideNow)

Lauda: “From a potential point of view I think he is very good, very quick. There’s no question about that, so far everything is absolutely right for him. He just has to be aware he is fighting Vettel but he can learn a lot from him and get himself going.”

Toto Wolff Q&A: Team principals a thing of the past (

Wolff: “Yes, that position is a thing of the past. The structure we have decided to implement is one of clear competencies and skills within the management.”

VIDEO: A Ricciardo se le cala el coche al salir – Test Jerez 2014 Red Bull (YouTube)


Comment of the day

After Alonso claimed yesterday that 2014’s slower cars invoked no less emotion in him as a driver, reader Brian believes that speed really should matter.

There may be no less emotion on the part of the driver. But a big part of being the premier racing series in the world is that you can also claim to be the fastest ?ǣ and certainly considerably faster than your feeder series?.

The FIA are already severely limiting the technical development side of the sport with promises to further restrict it in the future. Jenson Button has recently said that GP2 will be much closer to F1 lap times on certain tracks this season. I don?t think it?s healthy for F1 if the perception becomes that it?s not that much faster than something like GP2.

From the forum

Can you predict the Australian Grand Prix grid?

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On this day in F1

1994 F1 seasonMika Hakkinen drove the new McLaren-Peugeot MP4-9 for the first time 20 years ago today at Silverstone.

However the Silverstone weather was running true to form and the team abandoned their plans to test their after Hakkinen spun the brand-new car on his first flying lap.

The team had only announced one of its drivers at this point as Alain Prost weighed up whether to continue racing in F1 and join McLaren as Hakkinen’s team mate.

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  1. More laps than Red bull, torro Rosso and lotus didn’t show up. Shows what spirit and right people can do. Not just money.

    With all due respect Mr. Fernandes, I feel it is precisely because your team has less resources that it is currently more reliable. The sidepod openings for example are capacious, and the rear packaging far from tightest. It seems a rather conservative design towards the back – like the limits are not being pushed.

    In stark contrast to Red Bull.

  2. If we have a situation where come Melbourne we have 21 cars retiring and Chilton winning then perhaps there is a problem. However, I can see the reliability issue for Renault and to a degree Ferrari not being anywhere as bad by Melbourne.

    Also, I prefer the sound of the V6 turbo to the V8. Never went much on the V8.

  3. Firstly, Ecclestone’s opinion doesn’t really matter because there’s no turning back now anyway. Secondly, one always has to understand why he says something because he obviously doesn’t always believes it himself.

    Ecclestone contradicts himself by saying that unpredictability is a good thing, yet wanting to keep the old, very predictable engines. It’s also obvious that we would still have the 1950 technical rules if the rule makers had always followed the same logic. F1 is all about technical development (not ‘noise’, which is a matter of taste) and it goes without saying that setbacks and failures are inevitable in the process.

    I’m really looking forward to the new season and I hope that Ecclestone, the teams and FIA manage to get rid of things that really ‘create a total farce’, such as the double points rule and the ugly noses. That is their job.

  4. It’s the first test of a new era in F1 and Ecclestone’s already criticising it. I know he never liked the idea but give it a chance at least.

    In the grand scheme of things, the noise or the reliability of the engines really isn’t a concern. Reliability will improve in time, of course. Some of the noses being hideous (Toro Rosso and Caterham) and going into the season with that season finale niggling at the back of our minds, ready to potentially skew the final standings are real concerns, especially the latter.

  5. I see a brilliant future for Juncadella. Very consistent!

  6. ecclestone is an idiot, he is obviously hoping even testing brings in money for him, and with a team like red bull doing little running, no wonder he is heart broken – all the moron cares about is money.

  7. Bernie is sooo right. All challeging comments to his statement is BS, all knows that. Talk abt the elephant in the room.
    I have been using the farce word for a looong time now. FIA heads have pushed this crap now. I see two possible directions from here – either F1 RIP or sack the FIA mgmt (risk for this comment to be censored) and put it right again. I will repeat myself (for the 1000 time) – we F1 fans that actually is paying for the show, we just love (and pay loads of money to enjoy) ball to the wall performance and load cars and really racing drivers putting it to the edge. We ARE NOT interested in electric motor racing, tiny low rev turbos or eco driving. Nor the silly looking cars (come on) Get down from the ivory towers FIA heads!!
    Actually, for me and thousands like me, we are all sad to watch this farce. The sport is killed. Sorry to say :-(

    1. The irony of the situation is the new rules have cut down the fuel so drastically that the only time they will even be close to the limit is during overtakes.

      People will be entertained by expensive cars w/ reliability issues, low fuel strategy overtaking, and with the turbo button and DRS for the straights. Ratings will probably go up because anything can happen as the motors will be running very hot.

      It’s good for TV, and what’s hot in the political world, but it really is ruining the integrity of a sport which is turning in to little more than an expensive over hyped spectacle. MotoGP is what F1 will probably be in 3 or 4 seasons. The only thing keeping F1 intact is the interests of multiple teams, but the more they agree to get along, and abide by the ‘new’ rules, the worst it will be for people interested in ‘real’ competition.

      1. *worse

  8. I love how Kobayashi was overtaking in testing. Love that guy!

  9. Re. the comment of the day, I’m wondering how representative the relentless, continual negativity towards present-day F1 from commenters here is of the overall feeling of 1) all the readers of; and/or 2) just the people who take time to leave comments & forum posts — or is it just 3) indicative of the personality of those who highlight “reader” opinion and shape/influence discussion.

    1. I mean, this is the same place where the site’s owner(s)/director(s), as an ‘official’ act, pressured readers to contact various F1 teams and complain about, what was it, the points schema for 2014??…

      1. @joepa “pressured” is grossly misconstruing the reality of the situation: it was quite clearly based on the response of the reader’s themselves (not even those solely who comment) in the poll on the same topic – only 10% in favour of the rule.

        And it was clearly optional – I doubt @keithcollantine had any intent to pressurise anyone nor would anyone feel obliged to do so regardless, as it was an article highlighting the F1 Strategy Group meeting’s existence and that concerns would be better voiced to those who have real political influence.

        It is without question that the majority of F1Fanatic’s members are against the double points rule.

    2. Well, of course F1 should be the fastest, the loudest, the coolest technology, the quikest drivers….
      …that is why we fans pays loads of cash to follow and really pays for the spectacle. If F1 loose the major fan base, then the death spiral is here. Sorry to say, in my view, that’s where we are now. It is sad that people ( incl Bernie) have not realised until now. 2014 version of F1 is a farce and to me and thousands with me, not interesting anylonger. Sad times :-(

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