Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Korea International Circuit, 2013

Massa expects Alonso to beat Raikkonen at Ferrari

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Jerez, 2014In the round-up: Felipe Massa, who has been team mates to both Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari, believes Alonso will have the upper hand this year.


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Upbeat Massa tips ‘brainy’ Alonso to beat Raikkonen at Ferrari (James Allen on F1)

“He is very intelligent, he’s already worked out the new regulations and he knows what he needs to do to be quick straight away.”

Rosberg Pleased With Mercedes Mileage In Jerez (Speed)

“It’s a bit of a pity because the cars are slower, obviously we always prefer to go faster, so that’s not quite as nice.”

Mateschitz concerned by budget cap (Autosport)

“To enforce a budget cap you have to clearly state what is included and what not – what about marketing, drivers’ salaries etc? And what if you are a manufacturer and can hide several expenses in other budgets?”

Examining the new McLaren (Sky)

“With heads were being scratched in the Jerez paddock about the legality of McLaren’s design, it seems that rivals are preparing to cover all their bases just in case.”


Comment of the day

One subject continues to dominate the off-season discussion:

Every season with any kind of double points scheme will need an asterisk placed next to it in the record books. At least it was fairly easy to compare previous seasons with different points systems because the same amount of points were awarded every race during a single season. It will be messy at best to make such comparisons in the future.

This does not need to be tried to know it is “stupid”.

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On this day in F1

Virgin VR-01Virgin (now Marussia) became the first of 2010′s new teams to launch their F1 car on this day four years ago. However the VR-01, which was designed by Nick Wirth without the use of a wind tunnel, was later revealed to have a serious design flaw, as it couldn’t take on enough petrol to be driven competitively over a race distance at some tracks.

A revised version with a larger tank was eventually introduced but the team still finished last in the championship behind fellow newcomers Lotus (now Caterham) and HRT.

Image © Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

134 comments on “Massa expects Alonso to beat Raikkonen at Ferrari”

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  1. I think Massa’s comments on this debate are most most interesting considering he’s worked with them both yet he is not obligated to remain unbiased. Still it would make him look better if Alonso beats Raikkonen by a large margin.

    1. What I wonder is what would people say if Alonso is beaten by Raikkonen.
      How would his (Alonso’s) time with Massa be looked upon or if Bottas beats Massa?

      1. Yeah, its like comparing Senna loose to Hakkinen in qualifying, Alonso loose to Trulli in qualifying, or Schumacher loose to Rosberg in both qualifying and race = nonsense.
        However, comparing Senna vs Prost will be interesting.

  2. If the FERRARI team will be fair this year and give them both equal chances, I think it will be very tight. Both Alonso & Raikkonen have developed into EXCELLENT drivers over the years!

    Kimi’s comeback was truly amazing and Alonso has proven his class many times with a car that did not help very much! I think in some races we will see Alonso on top, in others Raikkonen, but whoever will be the most consistant will finish ahead of his team mate. Personally I’d love to see Kimi win another title with Ferrari, but it’s hard to believe they won’t be 60% behind Alonso and only 40% around Raikkonen, plus after all these years getting beaten by Vettel & RB, it will be hard for Alonso if he’s gonna lose the title to his team mate….

  3. I don’t expect Alonso to beat Raikkonen easily, he has the upper hand in the teams politics which has given him many battles over the years, but if Raikkonen dont make mistakes he will him a hard time and team may be forced to change its opinion. Montezemolo and Santander fired Raikkonen 5 years ago, now they have to “share” team with him, bad thing for Raikkonen, but Raikkonen only had this opportunity to be in a competitive and winning team so its the sacrifize he will make, but its not a good thing, specially when other persons have so many interest in making u the second driver, the second option, the second advertising man, the second winning man, … The second…
    Anyway today i will talk about Alonso history in f1 and his teammates comparison:
    Alonso-Trulli: Trulli beat him in 2004, and Alonso complained about lot of things to their bosses, Trulli signed with other team and Renault decided to kick him fast from the team giving him a very poor car, which force him not to score points in last races, and leave to Toyota frustrated, from that year that Trulli beat Alonso, Renault decided to declare Alonso the number one driver and whatever is on the second car, the second driver.
    Alonso-Fisichella: they gave Alonso the clear number one role, and Fisichella which never been a great driver, a world champion driver dissappeared. He was world champion twice, but 2005 dominated by Raikkonen, but reliability give him the title, and in 2006 the title was a matter of good luck, when Schumachers car broke the engine in the last race. In 2005 and 2006 he didnt dominate the year, with a far superior car than the rest, like the Red Bull now Vettel has.
    Alonso-Hamilton: the 2 times world champion vs the rookie. The gave the 2 the same material, u know what happened, Hamilton defeated Alonso with regularity, making him lost his papers and claiming paranoic things, like roofs they fall to his car in purpose, like tyres pressures manipulated everyday, etc, etc. All of this came when he lost the “chance” in his stupid crash in Japan and lost all of his chances on that race, when he though he will beat Hamilton in rain easily. He didnt accept the defeat and he gone from McLaren, he know that if Hamilton was his partner more years he will need to “cry” lot of times and will have lof ot headaches during this time. So he returned to Renault.
    2008-2010: he return to Renault where he was the undoubtely first driver, he signed in contract that not to have another “Hamilton” kicking his ass, was the first condition he establish to return to Renault, appart from a huge huge huge amount of money by Renault, he rejected offers from RedBull (champion 2010-2013) and BrawnGP (champion 2009). The last 5 world champion winner cars.
    2010-2013: he move to Ferrari, where he was the clear number one driver and Massa the second driver, with fewer options to become world champion, Massa lost most of his ability after the accident as we saw in the records, and team politics make the rest. Which was strange is the moments the “useless” Massa beat regularly Alonso when Alonso was in last races, thats a thing he should talk about that more, dont know if it was a matter of falling under pressure of Alonso, which is highly possible, or a matter than they give Massa equal material to Alonso for that races, and he began beating him in qualifying regularly how it should have been this years, not to been team politics. Because everybody knows Alonso is half grid qualifier.
    Alonso vs Raikkonen: Alonso is bad qualifier, and Raikkonen is bad in qualifying too, with a car they always name as bad qualifier -> all indications say this year Ferrari will lose a lot in qualifying and they will have to recover lots in race.
    Alonso in race is pretty quick and its very good driver at taking car home.
    Raikkon in race is quick too and its good driver overtaking cars, much better than Alonso, so it will be interesting to see the two of them. But like i said before in equal results, “Ferrari” will decide the win for Alonso, who really will decide will be Montezemolo and Santander. May be thats why Massa said that, because he knows team politics all this years. And we all know too. Appart from that is only the second time Alonso has a competitive driver as partner and he failed miserably last time.

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