Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Melbourne, 2012

Formula One TV viewing figures continue to fall

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Melbourne, 2012In the round-up: Formula One’s viewing figures continue to fall as the sport moves away from free-to-air television and the 2013 ends in an anti-climax.


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Vettel’s F1 Domination A Switch-Off for Fans (The Wall Street Journal)

“In France… coverage switched last year from national broadcaster TF1 to subscription service Canal+. It led to viewing figures falling by 16 million to 10.2 million and it is part of F1’s strategy to increasingly move away from free-to-air television.”

F1 television audiences take hit (Sporting Life)

“FOM has not shied away from revealing a sharp 10 per cent drop in its audience, although “not an unexpected one” according to Ecclestone, the organisation’s chief executive.”

Circuit of the Americas receives $29 million in state funds for Formula One (Austin-American Statesman, subscription required)

“The state comptroller?s office this week paid Circuit of the Americas about $29 million [??17.78m] from the Major Events Trust Fund for November?s Formula One race.”

First steps towards Melbourne (Ferrari)

“The technical parameters of the F14 T, as well as the aerodynamic validation we saw on track, match our expectations and provide a solid starting point, which we must now exploit as much as possible.”

Mercedes plays down favourite tag (Autosport)

Toto Wolff: “Even at Jerez, with the ambient [temperature] being quite cold, we were experiencing a high level of temperatures and challenges on the cooling side. We have seen for some of our competitors it is even more.”

Mercedes W05 shakedown test (F1 Fanatic via YouTube)

The triumph of F1???s new power units (Mark Gallagher)

“The achievement of all three powertrain companies should be applauded. Once again, along with their teams, they have demonstrated one of the most appealing qualities of Formula One; its ability to innovate, rise to complex challenges, and meet its deadlines. Last week was no embarrassment, it was a triumph for F1?s engineering community.”

David Beckham and F1 driver Lewis Hamilton hang out in VIP box at star-studded event (Daily Mail)

“The stars were spotted chatting away as they watched the Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday afternoon with their manager Simon Fuller.”


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@GregKingston compared the sounds of some of the new engines at Jerez:

If anyone needs a visual and audible reminder of the difference between the Mercedes and Renault engines at Jerez, have a look at two of the videos I took on Day 2:


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1994 F1 seasonToday in 1994 Minardi confirmed its merger with Scuderia Italia.

Although the staff for the new team was largely drawn from the former – the latter having puled out of the previous season before it finish – the driver line-up of the new Minardi team compromised one of each of their drivers. Loyal Minardi pilot Pierluigi Martini remained and was joined by Michele Alboreto, giving the Italian squad a highly experienced line-up.

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