Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Jerez, 2014

New engines more powerful than expected

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Jerez, 2014In the round-up: Mercedes say F1’s new V6 turbos, which were expected to produce around 600bhp, are actually giving closer to 700bhp.


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“Drei Mal so viele Teile wie fr???her” (Auto Motor und Sport – German)

Mercedes’s Andy Cowell says the approximate output of the new V6 turbo engines is around 700ps (690bhp) before the estimated extra 150bhp from the Energy Recovery Systems is added, giving F1 cars more power than estimated when the new regulations were devised.

F1 in push to shake up qualifying rules (Autosport)

“[Proposals] include forcing the ten drivers who make it through to Q3 to start the race on the set of tyres that they set their best Q2 lap on.”

Bernie Ecclestone backs Mercedes for 2014 title (The Hindu)

“The way things worked out at Jerez, Mercedes seem best prepared to succeed with Rosberg winning the title.”

How to breed a new generation of car enthusiasts (Autocar)

“Six packs of Lego later ?ǣ an F1 car, an F1 support truck, an F40, a Berlinetta 250 GT, a 458 Italia and an FXX ?ǣ and he was hooked. McLaren, for now, is history as far as my boy?s concerned. Ferrari has history: fast cars, racing cars and Lego cars. That?s as good as it gets.”


Comment of the day

With the new engines offering drivers considerable scope for attacking and defending their rivals, does F1 have another reason to scrap its sticking plaster solution to overtaking?

If it weren?t for DRS then this would have been really interesting. A chasing driver may have been able to overtake, only for the other driver to reverse the positions ?ǣ both knowing that they can?t keep swapping places without burning through their fuel too quickly and then both dropping back through the field.

As it is, with DRS, they?ll just breeze past each other, and use that extra performance to pull ahead out of DRS range.
Rich Rigby

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1994 F1 seasonToday in 1994 Damon Hill suffered a major crash at the wheel of an interim Williams FW15D at the Circuit de Catalunya.

The team were still yet to reveal their definitive car for the new season but Benetton already had their new B194 up and running. Michael Schumacher got behind the wheel of it for the first time on the same day, lapping the circuit in 1’18.9.

Image ?? Mercedes/Hoch Zwei