Bernie Ecclestone, 2013

Ecclestone on bribe case: “Bet it doesn’t happen”

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Bernie Ecclestone, 2013In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone is confident over the outcome of legal cation claiming he paid a bribe to banker Gerhard Gribkowsky.


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Ecclestone expects bribe case to collapse (7 News)

“Bet you it doesn’t happen … things happen in life and you have to get on with it.”

Lotus sorry over Sochi ‘gay’ tweet (BBC)

“Lotus later said the tweet was ‘unauthorised’ and had been deleted.”

RBS could put brake on Liberty?s battle for F1 (The Telegraph)

“The Royal Bank of Scotland and Goldman Sachs could block plans for a takeover of Formula One by Liberty Media.”

Now, Bangalore court summons Vijay Mallya (Business Standard)

“Vijay Mallya, chairman of Kingfisher Airlines, may have to make more than one trip to a court in February. In addition to the Delhi High Court?s summons to Mallya this month, a special court for economic offences has summoned him over dues from Kingfisher to the income-tax department.”

Protecting the Dynasty: talking with David Brabham (The Motorsport Archive)

“The situation was complicated further when the party in Germany attempted to register the ‘Brabham Grand Prix’ name for the Formula One World Championship in 2009. ‘[Franz] Hilmer ended doing a deal with some other guy that I was suing for the use of the name and call it Brabham Grand Prix, so we put in an objection to that and Bernie [Ecclestone] did as well and it got changed very quickly.'”

Tweets and pictures

Marcus Ericsson: “Pushing hard with the neck training to prepare for the season! Not the most comfortable training, but it’s very important!”

Comment of the day

Max Jacobson on Lotus’s change of heart over their latest controversial Tweet:

I was disappointed by Lotus? apologising and deleting their rather fantastic tweet wishing all the Sochi athletes good luck. They have been far more unorthodox in the past, such as with the infamous rabbit tweet, so essentially advocating gay rights in such a brilliantly ??Lotus?? way was rather mild. But one of their greatest tweets.

If they have the audacity to poke at Red Bull?s misfortune before they?ve even officially ran the car, I can?t see how the Sochi tweet was unnaceptable.
Max Jacobson (@Vettel1)

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Red Bull launched their RB5 five years ago today. It was their first race-winning car and all of its successors were also world championship winners.

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