Signs point to Williams-Martini deal

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In the round-up: An image leak and domain acquisition point to Williams announcing a sponsorship deal with Martini.



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On the red carpet (Motorsport Monday)

Pat Symonds: “Some of the cars I’m surprised the sidepods are smaller than expected.”

What should we be thinking now? (A former F1 doc writes)

“It’s just about two weeks since the team caring for Michael Schumacher stopped administering sedatives in order to allow him to emerge from the pharmacologic part of his depressed consciousness. Where are we now?”

On the latest Michael Schumacher stories (Joe Sawaerd)

“So let it be with Michael Schumacher, time will tell and all that press coverage of the current situation does is speculate.”

Kamui Kobayashi TV Vol. 4 (Kamui Kobayashi via YouTube)

Analysis – Red Bull RB10 nose design (F1)

“To reduce drag, the keel section at the front features two vertical vents, with the airflow passing out of the top of chassis as on last year’s RB9.”

Looking back going forward (ESPN)

Peter Sauber: “David [Robertson] was… an excellent salesman! I really don’t understand why I gave Kimi [Raikkonen] a car for three days.”

Sporting punch-ups of the 1980s (The Guardian)

[Nelson] Piquet’s race was ended abruptly when a quite brainless piece of driving by [Eliseo] Salazar slammed the door shut in his face. I’m not condoning the actions of Piquet, but who, with their hand on their heart, could honestly say they would have reacted with grace and humility in this situation.”

Comment of the day

Is mid-race driver coaching bad for racing?

The racing would be better if the engineers weren’t allowed to coach the drivers, especially this year with fuel consumption being on the menu, without the drivers knowing how much fuel they were using the teams would have to reduce drag/downforce to allow the cars to race for a full race distance without slowing down to conserve fuel.

If the only result of the new regulations is the cars going slower in order not to use to much fuel then no one will benefit and the fans will be the great losers.

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Brabham BT42 (1973), Goodwood, 2012

As Williams look likely to sport Martini sponsorship this year here’s a reminder of how good those colours can look on a Formula One car. This is a 1973 Brabham BT42. More pictures here:

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On this day in F1

Happy birthday to Toranosuke Takagi who turns 40 today. Takagi spent two seasons in Formula One with Tyrrell and Arrows, achieving a best finish of seventh in the 1999 Australian Grand Prix at the beginning of his second year in F1.

He went on to compete in Champ Car and Japanese GT racing.