Signs point to Williams-Martini deal

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In the round-up: An image leak and domain acquisition point to Williams announcing a sponsorship deal with Martini.



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On the red carpet (Motorsport Monday)

Pat Symonds: “Some of the cars I’m surprised the sidepods are smaller than expected.”

What should we be thinking now? (A former F1 doc writes)

“It’s just about two weeks since the team caring for Michael Schumacher stopped administering sedatives in order to allow him to emerge from the pharmacologic part of his depressed consciousness. Where are we now?”

On the latest Michael Schumacher stories (Joe Sawaerd)

“So let it be with Michael Schumacher, time will tell and all that press coverage of the current situation does is speculate.”

Kamui Kobayashi TV Vol. 4 (Kamui Kobayashi via YouTube)

Analysis – Red Bull RB10 nose design (F1)

“To reduce drag, the keel section at the front features two vertical vents, with the airflow passing out of the top of chassis as on last year’s RB9.”

Looking back going forward (ESPN)

Peter Sauber: “David [Robertson] was… an excellent salesman! I really don’t understand why I gave Kimi [Raikkonen] a car for three days.”

Sporting punch-ups of the 1980s (The Guardian)

[Nelson] Piquet’s race was ended abruptly when a quite brainless piece of driving by [Eliseo] Salazar slammed the door shut in his face. I’m not condoning the actions of Piquet, but who, with their hand on their heart, could honestly say they would have reacted with grace and humility in this situation.”

Comment of the day

Is mid-race driver coaching bad for racing?

The racing would be better if the engineers weren’t allowed to coach the drivers, especially this year with fuel consumption being on the menu, without the drivers knowing how much fuel they were using the teams would have to reduce drag/downforce to allow the cars to race for a full race distance without slowing down to conserve fuel.

If the only result of the new regulations is the cars going slower in order not to use to much fuel then no one will benefit and the fans will be the great losers.

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Brabham BT42 (1973), Goodwood, 2012

As Williams look likely to sport Martini sponsorship this year here’s a reminder of how good those colours can look on a Formula One car. This is a 1973 Brabham BT42. More pictures here:

Happy birthday!

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On this day in F1

Happy birthday to Toranosuke Takagi who turns 40 today. Takagi spent two seasons in Formula One with Tyrrell and Arrows, achieving a best finish of seventh in the 1999 Australian Grand Prix at the beginning of his second year in F1.

He went on to compete in Champ Car and Japanese GT racing.

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89 comments on Signs point to Williams-Martini deal

  1. Neel Jani (@neelv27) said on 12th February 2014, 6:46

    Some potential Martini Williams Mercedes liveries.

    Fillipe Design Auto

  2. WilliamB (@william-brierty) said on 12th February 2014, 8:24

    Couple the Martini-Williams partnership with the return of KK and the surprisingly excellent sound of the new V6s, and 2014 has probably already given me more satisfaction than 2013 did…

  3. hugo-the-rabbit said on 12th February 2014, 8:41

    On Sky there is an article about Damon Hill on the double point’s travesty.

    Yes it will get more intense as the season goes on, but let’s take 2011 Abu Dhabi race as an example, I know it was the penultimate race of that season but let’s see it as the final race. Imagine if Seb was 49 points clear of Lewis Hamilton going into that race. In the first corner, through no fault of his own, Seb’s tire blows up. He totally dominated the field that year but even if he had been 1 point short of being two full wins ahead with one race left, he would have lost the championship due to something way beyond his control. It is such a ridiculous idea that makes F1 look so desperate to attract new fans when all it seems to be doing is make the sport a laughing stock, which stops people from watching and also turns the real fans away because it is no longer pure racing that we want watch.
    It is just plain wrong that one race is worth double the points more than any other. Take any sport, football, cricket, tennis, golf. Every now and again you have an anti climax season or competition. In the last 11 years F1 has had more than 6 seasons (over 50%) go down to the last race. So why change it.
    Last seasons Premier League was decided with 5 games still to be played, do you see the FA make the last 10 PL games worth 6 points to try and keep other teams in the running.
    The ashes 13/14 were over after 3 tests. Did the cricket board think lets make these last 2 tests count as 2 wins each just to try and keep the series going?
    Andy Murray won Wimbledon Last year in straight sets. But there was the possibility of another two sets that could have been played, would any one be stupid enough to suggest that the 4th and 5th sets be worth double the 1st, 2nd and 3rd sets are because there is more pressure in that situation and much more to win/lose? That is how I read Damon’s thinking of a tennis tournament. Why cant people just accept that in sports, some times people raise the bar to another level. When Tiger Woods came along he would be winning or be close to winning every time he teed up. Other golf professionals had to raise there game to get to his level. Some managed to get to his level on the odd occasion and beat him. Others couldn’t get close. Now there are arguably better golfers than Tiger Woods that have raised the level again. That is how things work, every so often you get this wonder that comes along and destroys everything in its path. Sebastian is a true talent and so are his Red Bull team. But just like Michael and Ferrari in the early 2000’s, it will end and somebody else will no doubt take over. F1 races can be boring because there are so many factors that play a part in a race but we still get that edge of your seat stuff like Brazil 08, Japan 05, Brazil 12, Canada 11, dare I say it Valencia 12 (the most hated track I have heard talked about in F1 history) etc. and that is why I love F1 and will continue to watch the races because it is already unpredictable enough without throwing in a rubbish rule that has the potential to make some unlucky unpredictable event turn into something fake.

  4. Breno (@austus) said on 12th February 2014, 9:51

    I’m sorry COTD, F1 is a team sport.

  5. GeorgeTuk (@georgetuk) said on 12th February 2014, 11:12

    Not sure but why Martini, it could just be the UK but we don’t drink that much so how have they got the money for this now? Are they trying to make it fashionable, I remember it being very 70s!

    I am sure it is now owned by another brewing company but seems odd brand to bring back.

  6. Atticus (@atticus-2) said on 12th February 2014, 12:09

    I remember when those tall cooling vents disappeared due to regulation changes in 1976. It is since then that the teams cool their engines using mostly the sidepods. I wonder if that maximum height regulation had not been in place now, would engineers opt for the tall cooling vents again?

  7. Estesark (@estesark) said on 12th February 2014, 12:10

    Does the Red Bull nose conform to the “continuous cross-section” rule that is in place for this season? I can only assume it does, but I haven’t seen a really close shot of it yet, so it’s hard to tell.

  8. Pat Symonds is not alone here. Few of the cars do have small sidepods to help in the cooling of their engines. Did the teams miss a trick here?

  9. I loved the 70’s and 80’s when you could tell the cars apart not by their color scheme but their shape . It look like its back.

  10. Neel Jani (@neelv27) said on 13th February 2014, 9:49

    A few more Martini Williams potential liveres

    Credit: cdebdesign

  11. I want the forum back!
    Also, why don’t Williams release their race livery now?
    I mean, why bother to have a testing livery? Red Bull, Ferrari, Lotus,
    and well, everyone else used their race livery in testing! It puzzles me that
    Williams have two liveries, I mean why?

    Sorry to go on a bit! :)

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