Ecclestone supports Putin’s anti-gay stance

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Bernie Ecclestone, 2013Ahead of the forthcoming Russian Grand Prix, Bernie Ecclestone voices support for Vladimir Putin’s repressive legislation against gay people.


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Bernie Ecclestone backs Vladimir Putin on gay rights issue (CNN)

“He hasn’t said he doesn’t agree (with homosexuality) just that he doesn’t want these things publicised to an audience under the age of 18.”

Who will pay the price when Sochi Games end? (Reuters)

“Some officials have tried to play down expectations of dismissals after the Games, with Putin’s Olympic organiser Dmitry Kozak saying there would be no “outbreak” of investigations after they end. Officials are mindful that any such outbreak could hinder efforts to develop the site further for a meeting of the G8 leading industrial countries in June and the Formula One Grand Prix in October, so it might pay to stay quiet.”

Judge clears Ecclestone over Formula One stake valuation (FT, registration required)

Ecclestone: “If he had had the witnesses that we will have in the next case [the judge] might have decided differently.”

Ecclestone presses on with points plan (BBC)

“Sources say [Jean] Todt is wary of the backlash against the plan and will only support Ecclestone in his push to extend the ploy to the final three races if the teams give their unanimous backing.”

Kobayashi: Renault can’t compete (Autosport)

“At the moment, we are definitely too weak pace-wise, so we give the maximum chance to them [to work] and thereafter we have to work on our car.”

Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Bahrain, 2014Nico Rosberg Q&A: Better to have problems now than later! (F1)

“We are slower. We are slipping more. The car is heavier. That’s a bit sad, as I would love to go faster, but that’s how it is.”

Alonso: More still to discover (Sky)

“We are not as good as we would like to be at this point and [there are] still many things to discover and many things to improve, but at least we are able to do 160 laps in two days with not big, big issues in the car.”

Meanwhile in Companies House (Joe Saward)

“There are ‘appointment terminated’ notices for Ecclestone with Formula One World Championship Ltd, Formula One Hospitality and Events Services Ltd, Formula One Management Ltd and Formula One Administration Ltd, the major operating companies of the group. These are all dated January 21.”

The lie of the land in testing (ESPN)

“The car would be illegal; below the weight limit; you name it. It would be stripped right down to the bare minimum. They would have removed the steering wheel and pedals if they could have got away with it.”

Tweets and pictures

Got a little bit of unexpected practice today here at Sakhir circuit Bahrain, touch too much understeer but hey that's the least of my worries :)

Jenson Button: “Got a little bit of unexpected practice today here at Sakhir circuit Bahrain, touch too much understeer but hey that’s the least of my worries.”

Comment of the day

One reader has already succumbed to the temptation of placing a bet on the upcoming season:

Got exited and placed a bet on Magnussen taking the drivers’ championship this year.

McLaren seem to have a great car, consistently fast, reliable engine, have had plenty of time to develop the 2014 car cause of last year, and a talented driver. I think he will easily beat Button. Besides, odds were worth betting on.

Let’s see in 10 months how wrong I was!

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On this day in F1

1994 F1 seasonA major test ahead of the start of the 1994 season began 20 years ago today at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Eric Bernard led the early running in his Ligier ahead of team mate Olivier Panis, Eddie Irvine (Jordan) and Alessandro Zanardi (Lotus).

Image © Jamey Price / James Moy Photography, Mercedes/Hoch Zwei

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187 comments on Ecclestone supports Putin’s anti-gay stance

  1. DaveD (@daved) said on 21st February 2014, 2:34

    I try hard to stay out of politics in a forum like this where we’re here to talk about the F1 racing we love. But Bernie is making that impossible with his big mouth and I am so disappointed with his bigoted views and whatever demons made him feel compelled to shoot off his mouth about them.
    Just shut up and go away Bernie.

  2. HoHum (@hohum) said on 21st February 2014, 3:39

    Well it’s hardly a surprise that a man who admires Hitler, for his ability to get things done, is also an admirer of Vlad the Impaler for the same reasons.

  3. HoHum (@hohum) said on 21st February 2014, 3:56

    Onceagain Bernie doesn’t get it, he thinks we will all be glued to the Tv to see who wins the championship no matter how the win is manipulated.
    To bad Mark has left RBR, I can picture it now, Sebs on the top step about to accept the trophy when Mark leaps out and smashes a chair over his head and grabs the trophy, now that’s what I call entertainment.
    Seriously though, this will be enough to provoke me to ban F1 in my life, just as I never bought another Harmon Kardon product after they refused to fix my 2nd. faulty HK7 cassette recorder, just as I have stopped buying any Japanese products while they continue Whaling in the Souther Ocean, F1 will be dead to me.

  4. US_Peter (@us_peter) said on 21st February 2014, 5:08

    Between his criminal dealings, his shortcuts, his sprinklers, his medals, his praise of Hitler, his actual passing of double points as a rule, and now this latest dictator ego stroking by way of homophobic bile spewing, I really honestly just wish Bernie would go away. I respect what he’s done for the sport to bring it to where it is, but at this point all he does anymore is harm the sport in nearly everything he does or says, simply to further feed his insatiable greed.

  5. Just chipping in to say thanks & congrats to Keith and all involved for making a site like this that’s actually welcoming and doesn’t feel like a big bloke fest. As a female fan, I’m used to patronising attitudes – guys in pubs who haven’t watched f1 in 20 years feeling the need to say “so, this is what they call qualifying, and what that means is…” etc. – so it’s great to find somewhere where that kind of attitude is minimal, and really heartening to see so many people who disagree with Bernie’s antiquated views as well! <3

  6. f1freek (@f1freek) said on 21st February 2014, 6:05

    Yeah Bernie, Putin is right. Just like its right for the FIA President to have Nazi orgies and FOM chairman to be bribing bankers

  7. maarten.f1 (@maarten-f1) said on 21st February 2014, 6:38

    Just keep digging deeper Bernie, just keep on digging… *sigh*

  8. JohnBt (@johnbt) said on 21st February 2014, 6:40

    Bernie, how much more attention do you need, honestly.
    C’mon Bernie give us a break and just keep quiet, while we still have some respect for you!
    I’m speaking for myself and don’t know if people agree with me.

  9. Joey-Poey (@joey-poey) said on 21st February 2014, 7:11

    As those of is familiar with US history in the south know, the supposed intent of a law can sound so much more innocuous or fair than the actual implementation. I highly disapprove of Bernie’s statement.

    • Timothy Katz (@timothykatz) said on 21st February 2014, 8:20

      Sounds interesting @jooey-poey What law is/was that? I know nothing of the South’s history. And apologies to Keith for getting waaay off topic!

      • I apologise if I’m putting words into @joey-poey ‘s mouth, @timothykatz , but I assume he’s referring to “Jim Crow” or “separate but equal” laws, i.e. laws that claimed it wasn’t discriminatory towards people of colour to segregate them as long as you provided them with the same facilities as whites. (e.g. separate drinking fountains, schools, benches, bus seats etc.), also forbidding interracial marriages, social mixing (e.g. bars or restaurants serving both black and white clients) etc. Of course, this was anything but “equality”.

  10. Ivan B (@njoydesign) said on 21st February 2014, 8:29

    If I as a Russian will stand by his words, will that satisfy you?

  11. pxcmerc (@pcxmerc) said on 21st February 2014, 8:51

    I dunno, public education in the states is doing a good enough job trying to take over the role of mother and father, and teaching kids about sex at a young age (along with the tube), I can understand why it might not seem offensive to see sex advertised and promoted to children, but I have to side with Bernie.

    Let the kids grow up before you start pushing your own sexual agenda on them. Anyways the whole gay thing is promoted by the media for other reasons, but that is another can of worms, a can that a lot of people cant’ stomach, but will probably face in their lifetimes.

    It’s one thing to preach tolerance and understanding, its another thing to use disparity to make a living and score political points, and I think the later is missed on a lot of people…

    • petebaldwin (@petebaldwin) said on 21st February 2014, 9:23

      @pcxmerc – Wow….. No one is talking about pushing a sexual agenda on kids. We’re talking about letting people who are gay express their feelings in the same way that straight people are allowed to. To say anyone is “pushing an agenda” about “the whole gay thing” and that it is “promoted by the media” is just ridiculous.

      So you’re saying we should let kids grow up before they should see any gay people expressing love for each other – should that also include straight people? Surely we don’t want to push our own straight sexual agenda on them?

    • F1Sidewinda (@f1sidewinda) said on 21st February 2014, 12:46

      Your view seems to come from a different generation, it’s 2014 now pal. We are in a time of stay at home dads and people being who they want to be, kids, adults, anyone. When kids are having sex and kids of their own at 14 (or younger) how can you argue about the way that children are taught about love sex and relationships. When more and more LBGT people come out (excuse the pun) and tell people that they felt there was something different from their first memories, who are you (or anyone else for that matter) to back up a LAW that is made to suppress said persons.

      • pxcmerc (@pcxmerc) said on 21st February 2014, 20:11

        if you think kids having kids is a good thing, maybe you have made my point after all?

        if there is one constant in this world with respect to humanity, is that if you choose to live uninhibited, and hedonistic, you choose a path of degeneracy. & if you want to divide and conquer a people, you will use certain ideas and agendas to demoralize populations :)

        People have been using divide and conquer for a long long time to promote their own political agendas, and the whole gay thing in Russia, is just a means to discredit the country by the ‘western’ media. The same media who are pushing the rioters in Ukraine, the same media owned by multinationals who want to be king makers. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts and people who pretend to be good in order to promote their own agenda.

        • BasCB (@bascb) said on 23rd February 2014, 7:04

          Funny enough @pcxmerc, you are right here, while at the same time being completely amiss.

          People have been using divide and conquer for a long long time to promote their own political agendas, and the whole gay thing in Russia, is just a means

          Up to there its true. The anti gay laws are used by Putin to create a reason to make people feel threatened, just as highlighting terrorism has been doing since 2001. And that helps divide his country, give him powers to do play with and dominate.

    • HoHum (@hohum) said on 21st February 2014, 12:57

      It’s obvious that there is a gay conspiracy to take over the world, that’s what will happen if we let them marry, then they will start breeding like rabbits and before you know it they’ll outnumber us.

    • matt90 said on 21st February 2014, 16:46

      What is this sexual agenda that you think people have?

    • DaveD (@daved) said on 21st February 2014, 17:22

      Oh geez, so here we have a guy who somehow believes that things he doesn’t like in the US education system somehow vindicate Bernie being a bigot? Logic much?

      Nobody is “promoting gay lifestyles” or any type of sex at children. That Russian law is simply an excuse for them to target gays for anything they care to do. In reality this leads to: “We saw you holding hands…you’re promoting your life style to children. You are therefore a criminal and we can do anything we want to you”

      Seriously dude, as another American…please stop embarrassing the rest of us.

      • pxcmerc (@pcxmerc) said on 21st February 2014, 20:17

        Bernie isn’t a bigot, he just doesn’t see the utility of promoting politics during the Olympics. This isn’t 1932, but it does have something to do with fascism. Be informed, think critically,

        Bernie isn’t saying he has a problem with people who are different, hes saying the agenda has little place at the Olympics. Stop thinking superficially, Bernie is actually behaving more consistently than people who have a very superficial understanding about political agendas, due to in part, a serious lack of reasoning, and too much television.

        & yes, the schools who get paid off to promote performance based education, whose curriculum are based around kids doing what they are told, …. Well, if you want to get a job stuffing shoes with insoles, or becoming the best employee you can be, have at it :) Some people can see past the 9-5 :) Unfortunately too many can’t.

  12. Jonathan Sarginson said on 21st February 2014, 9:42

    Let’s hope Bernie’s final year in prison is doubled! two years!

  13. “I completely agree with those sentiments and if you took a world census you’d find 90% of the world agree with it as well,” added the 83-year-old

    So now Bernie’s interested in the opinion of 90% of the world’s population. Where was he when fans voiced their view on double points?! I also suspect his version of “90%” is somewhat less scientific than the numerous polls that have been taken on either of these issues.

    • Robbie said on 21st February 2014, 12:38

      So well said @keithedin

      Several posts in this topic have said very well my sentiments. BE is being his usual crass dictatorial self, only saying this because of the Russian GP, not that I think he would think or say anything different if there wasn’t a Russian GP. There should be no surprise here that those words have come out of BE’s mouth.

      Homosexuality simply is what it is. People are either born straight, gay, bi, or transgender. No one person can change that. The only moral, ethical, right way is to educate youth as soon as they are able to grasp it, about the realities of homosexuality. Trying to hide it from those under 18 is not only ridiculous, it is only counterproductive, and only creates far more strife than some perceived benefit from sweeping it under the carpet. But as @keithcollantine points out, it’s not actually about ‘protecting’ youth…it’s about homophobia.

      But unfortunately as human beings we have communist dictatorships that are backwards and still too strong, and I think it is only a matter of a small number of generations and we will be past this nonsense.

      BE needs to go away now. Lately he has done more damage to himself and to F1 such that it is starting to outweigh any good he has done for F1. I think he is past the opportunity to quit while he is ahead and is only a diminished figure now.

  14. Jonathan Sarginson said on 21st February 2014, 9:48

    Let’s just hope Bernie’s final year in prison is ‘doubled’ to two!

  15. OK Bernie that’s enough. Time to resign.

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