Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Bahrain, 2014

New cars take twice as long to fix, say Ferrari

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Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Bahrain, 2014In the round-up: Ferrari’s Pat Fry says teams spend twice the amount of time attempting to fix mechanical problems with the new V6 turbo era cars compared to last year.


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Ferrari says problems with 2014 F1 cars take twice as long to fix (Autosport)

Pat Fry: “It’s harder getting to the bits you need to change than changing the bits themselves. I guess there’s a certain level of familiarity with what we had in the past. I would have thought the things that have set us back and cost us four hours would have taken half the time, at a guess.”

Mercedes admit they believe they are ahead after blitzing the field in Bahrain (SkyF1)

Paddy Lowe: “The strongest teams out there are the Mercedes-powered teams. The Ferrari is also looking strong, so those are the people we are watching and trying to measure against.”

Protest threat hangs over Melbourne opener (SPEED)

“The dispute is about the protective covering on the top of Ferrari’s turbo unit, weighing in at a crucial 3 kilograms lighter than the ones fitted on the Mercedes and Renault units. Mercedes and Renault argue that Ferrari’s cover needs to be more substantial for safety reasons in the event of a dangerous turbo failure, but Ferrari’s explanation was initially accepted by the governing FIA.”

The Bahrain test in numbers (SkyF1)

“A statistical rundown after four days in Bahrain for the second of the three pre-season tests.”

Grosjean wins Moscow ice race (Racer)

“Romain Grosjean overcame European Rallycross champion Timur Timerzyanov to win the annual Race of Stars ice-racing event in Moscow on Sunday. The Lotus Formula 1 driver came to Russia direct from Bahrain testing as the guest of honour in the 25th Race of Stars, organised by Za Rulem magazine.”

Retrospective Formula 1 exhibition of Fernando Alonso at Sala Arte Canal (Designboom)

“Exhibiting at Sala Arte Canal in Madrid, the ‘Fernando Alonso collection’ is the most comprehensive installation dedicated to a Formula 1 driver.”

Making of Fernando Alonso collection (YouTube)


Comment of the day

As the debate over double-points continues, Nick believes it’s not a question of the championship providing excitement, but the racing itself.

When I was talking about the double points with a friend who casually watches F1 ever since he’s known me (2007-ish) he asked me a very profound question: ‘Have they given up on trying to make the sport itself more exciting?’

Let’s face it; Abu Double is merely a measure to increase the entertainment levels. Sports need entertainment (ask anyone who doesn’t live in a country where speedskating is popular about the Dutch success, or any non-cricket playing country about the sport in general), but in the past the sporting regulations were changed to minimize the gaps between the front and the back of the field. This rule completely negates the racing, the quality of the race for purely mathematical fun.

This worries me. Like my friend asked, have Bernie and the FIA given up on improving the races? Do they think the racing is ok? (Because as long as there’s DRS, it’s not.)

I’m nearing a point where I can no longer rationally explain people why I like F1. It’s a part of my life, and has been since I was 7, but it’s becoming that crazy aunt/uncle you love because they’re family, but have to ignore whenever she does something stupid..

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Is Bernie Ecclestone’s control of Formula 1 a good or a bad thing for the sport?

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1994 F1 seasonAyrton Senna drove the Williams-Renault FW16 for the first time 20 years ago today. The first race of the season – Senna home event in Brazil – was a little over a month away. But rivals Benetton had begun running their B194 several weeks earlier.

Meanwhile Tyrrell launched their new 022 at the London motor racing show. They had failed to score a point all season the year before, for the first time in their history, and rehired former design Harvey Postlethwaite in an effort to fight back.