Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Bahrain, 2014

Mercedes have the edge on reliability – Rosberg

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Bahrain, 2014In the round-up: Nico Rosberg believes Mercedes are doing better than other teams in making the new engines reliable.


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W05 must be ‘bulletproof’ (Sky)

“There are problems arising here and there, which is normal, but I think in comparison to other teams we are in a good position with reliability but we need to be 100% bulletproof by the time we reach Melbourne, which is a massive challenge.”

Renault says engine deadline no worry (Autosport)

Renault head of trackside operations Remi Taffin: “We will be applying for our Melbourne spec tomorrow, and we will be delivering all the specs and all the documents that we need to.”

Cosworth seeks return to IndyCar, possible one for F1 (NBC)

Cosworth Automotive CEO Hal Reisiger: “Absolutely we would [want to supply F1 engines again], I think that we provide a very cost-effective solution for people to be on the grid. We have the ability to excel from a performance standpoint. Decisions take place fairly frequently; it’s a matter of whether or not it makes sense for teams, OEMs and/or Cosworth. We’d look forward to the right opportunity if we could find the right collaboration.”

Daniel Ricciardo Q&A: Red Bull can still start season in style (F1)

“It’s just testing so there is no such thing as back marker and front runner. Mercedes is probably the team that is consistently at the front right now, but the rest is pretty unknown.”

‘I’ve seen worse winters’ – Raikkonen (ESPN)

“I’ve seen much worse winters [of testing] than this one so I’m not worried about it, we would like to keep putting more mileage on the car.”

Feb 28th is lock down day for F1 engines, but will Renault be able to lobby for changes? (James Allen on F1)

“It’s likely with such a complex new technology that all three manufacturers will take the opportunity to apply for reliability fixes, even the ones that are covering thousands of kilometres at the moment.”


Comment of the day

@Robbie is unhappy with the timing of the United States Grand Prix and this year’s second NASCAR race at Texas Motor Speedway:

I have followed NASCAR for years, although never on the edge of my seat like with F1. That’s not to say I have seen every race over the years by any stretch, but I’ve at a minimum seen many races every season for years now, and have at least kept up with the race results and the standings when I do miss a race. I’ve always struggled with giving up a nice sunny Sunday afternoon to stay inside. And thanks to having the ability now to digitally record races, I generally record the races and usually succeed in not hearing the results until I watch it on Sunday evening and fast forward through the myriad of commercials and cautions. I watch four hours of coverage in about an hour and a half.

That said, for me it is a no-brainer that I will be watching the US GP, but I do think the scheduling overlap is ridiculous, and it is not the point that F1 is an international series, and NASCAR a domestic one in the US. The point for me is that the effort to bolster F1 in the US takes a hit from having this easily avoided scheduling overlap and makes no sense to me. I thought garbage like double points was meant to capture viewership until the end of the season, and now it turns out Bernie Ecclestone is not that interested in viewership after all. Get rid of double points then, if that is the case. Go back to a, hopefully, better product to enthral the viewers…smoke and mirrors, and then measures to scupper the smoke and mirrors with stupid scheduling, isn’t cutting it.

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