Bernie Ecclestone, 2013

Ecclestone admits trials a distraction from F1

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Bernie Ecclestone, 2013In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone admits his ongoing legal cases are distracting him from his Formula One work and he is looking for someone to assist him.


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Ecclestone prepares for exit from F1 (Financial Times, registration required)

“I’ve been spending time on this [civil] case and to spend time on Munich I am not able to give what I normally would do, 24/7, to the business.”

‘It is fair to say that once again we have made some real progress’ (Renault)

Renault Sport F1 deputy managing director Rob White: “Melbourne will be an anxious weekend! Conducting a normal race weekend, in which both cars run well during each session for every team, would be a great relief.”

Haas expects F1 entry decision soon (Autosport)

Gene Haas: “They [the FIA] said they were going to have a decision by [last] Friday. They notified us on Friday that, no, they were just one part of that decision-making process, that the decision making process would come later.”

Nothing boring about new F1 – Sutil (ESPN)

“I don’t know why there is such a negative mood in the paddock. It’s a new challenge, it’s boring if everything is the same. There’s new regulations, we have much more work, it’s good. It’s a challenge to make something better. We had V8 here for a long time which we knew how to work those, but now it’s the next one.”

30 minutes in the life of a Formula 1 car (McLaren)

“On his fourth lap, Kevin [Magnussen’s] voice crackles over the radio: ‘Box this lap – there’s a problem with the car.’ ‘No problem, Kevin,’ says Mark calmly. ‘You did the right thing.'”

The racing wisdom of Mario Andretti (MotorSport)

Mario Andretti’s former race engineer Brian Lisles: “He was always optimistic that the next change was going to be the one that really made the difference. And that optimism never, ever died. I think in Mario’s view there probably really was no such thing as an ultimately bad racing car.”


Comment of the day

For the fifth year we wonder whether the not-so-new ‘new teams’ will finally get in among the points scorers. Nyoko is optimistic, at least as far as Caterham is concerned:

If Caterham’s reliability holds up, they have very strong chance of picking up a 10th place point here or there. So far they have proven to be the most reliable Renault powered team. They are not the fastest, but with the lack of laps they others have done due to technical problems, they look like the ones with the longest legs. What Caterham needs to do it make the most of the early races. I don’t see them being able to our last the other Renault teams for very long.

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